Small Talk#21: 7 Tips for New Parents

 7 Tips for a New Mom & Dad in 2017

You have been waiting for nine whole months for his or her arrival – your first baby! At last, the day arrives and your baby makes his or her entrance into the world. You are overjoyed and over the moon and so full of love for this little human and you know that there is nothing in this world that you wont do for your little baby! Then you arrive home with baby and you may find yourself being overwhelmed by advice and suggestions on how to care for your baby from 101 different directions! If you find yourself becoming nervous and anxious about what is the best way to care for your baby, these 7 tips for new parents  may help.

1: Seek Help

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  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help. And don’t think that you are a “bad” mom if you have to ask for help with ANY aspect that you are unsure about.
  • Choose people who have experience and listen to their advice, try it out and if it works you will be so much more confident.
  • Tips can range from how to get baby to latch on properly when breastfeeding to how to bath your baby.

2: Treat baby gently

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  • All babies need to have their head and neck supported until they are strong enough to do it for themselves – and this will differ from baby to baby. Some seem to pop out and can lift their head right from the word go whilst others need the support.
  • Always make sure that your baby is strapped in when you take him out for a walk in his pram or a ride in the car. A special car seat is a MUST! In fact, some hospitals will not even let you take your baby home unless you have a proper safety car seat for him!
  • When your baby is tiny, do not shake or bounce him up in the air (as his head will not be supported).

3: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

tip for new parents - your baby needs to be protected against bacteria

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  • At least as far as your baby is concerned, cleanliness is very important in those first few months.
  • Toys and dummies need to be sterilized.
  • Your hands need to be clean when handling your baby.

4: Importance of bonding

tips for new parents - bonding with your baby lasts a lifetime


  • When you hold your baby in your arms and gently stroke his face you are bonding with him and this is very important for your baby.
  • Always respond to your baby’s needs – he can only communicate by his cries and you will soon be able to interpret what his different cries mean.

5: Umbilical cord care

  • It is important to keep the umbilical stump as dry as possible. Until the stump fall off, therefore, only give your baby sponge baths. Pat the area dry if it becomes damp and some moms use surgical spirits to make sure that no moisture remains. Also try to keep this area out of his nappy.

6: Sleep is important

tips for new parents - Sleep is necessary for growth & development

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  • Sleeping is the most important activity for a newborn as it helps them to grow.
  • They need between 12-16 hours of sleep at first and as they grow, this slowly but surely becomes less.
  • Try to rest whenever your baby is sleeping so that your nerves have a chance to relax as well.

7: Remain calm

tips for new parents - no matter how stressed you feel,try to keep calm!

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  • Being there all day and every day with your baby is anything but easy.
  • If you have had a particularly tough day when baby has seemed to cry all day, let your partner take over the night shift. Try not to fret and worry too much as all babies go through days when they can be particularly fretful. It is not you causing these niggly days!  After being nutured and safe in your womb for 9 months, it must take some getting used to the ways of the outside world!!!
  • If you feel your baby is in distress for too long a time, do not hesitate to visit your doctor to check that all is well physically with your precious little bundle.

Babies grow so quickly –enjoy each and every day of your newly attained parenthood.

Any comments or just wish to share your experiences…use the comment block below or feel free to drop me a line at – I would love to hear from you!

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