4 Inspirational Quotes

To be reflected on for 2017

My last blog for 2016!! No long blog this time as I’m sure preparations for the new year are afoot ! Just 4 inspirational quotes and how they may help make 2017 a better year for all of us!

Before sharing the quotes, an important message for all the parents with whom I have had the pleasure of working with this past year. Every photo shoot was special to me – to see your love for your newborn, the innocence of each baby and your absolute delight in having a new little addition to your family.  THANK YOU–I am humbly and sincerely grateful that you gave me the privilege of photographing your precious little one.

Without any further fanfare, here are those four quotes!

inspirational quotes


1: A little more kindness, a little less judgement

If we all show a little more kindness to those around us and are a little less judgemental, imagine the difference this will make! No more talking about people behind their backs, no more judging a person by the clothes he wears or his accent. Show our children, by our actions, that kindness to others reaps rewards and that judging others is not what we should be doing. We are all different and all people should be treated equally.

2: There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs

Think about this quote! If everyone would put their heads down and actually WORK for what they want this would have a big impact on society. We should all realise that not everything is handed to us on a platter, but we have to work hard in order to achieve that which we want. Imparting this concept to our children would be a good idea for many reasons!

3: Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer

Attention seeking gets us nowhere and definitely doesn’t generate respect. If you earn the respect of the people around you this is far more valuable than just a brief moment of attention which you may have got by putting yourself in front of someone else. If others respect you, your children will notice and they will also be aware of how you have gained that respect and wish to imitate your actions and, in turn they will also gain the respect of others.

4: You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but you can’t give up

Last but not least, frustrations are always going to be there to hound us. When everything seems to be going pear shaped, scream your head off, cry buckets if it makes you feel better but NEVER, EVER give up on what you are trying to achieve. Those stairs you have to climb may be steep but you will eventually get there. And your children will watch and absorb how you handle frustrations, they may see you scream and cry (unless you choose to do that in a locked, padded room!). They will also see that you don’t give up.

So, as we enter a New Year, be kind, don’t judge others, work hard to achieve the success you want, gain the respect of others and forget about seeking attention. Scream, shout, cry if you have to but above all never give up…2017 is almost here!!

My very best wishes for a happy and successful 2017 to all parents past and future who have used or will use GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography to capture images of their little one. Also, to all those future moms and dads out in the Ethernet who read this blog. I wish you well and hope to meet some of you soon to “ooh and aah” over your newborn!!!

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