6 Ways to Prevent your Child from being a Genius!

boy genius

a budding genius?

What goes into making a genius? I came across some characteristics of what goes into the making of a genius (other than genetics playing havoc!) online http://www.OnlinePsychologyDegree.com  and have come up with this light-hearted total reversal of those ideas – a tongue- in-cheek look at how you can do your best to STOP your precious little one from becoming a genius (just in case you do not want to look like an imbecile next to your child!!). So here are 6 rules for raising a “non-genius”!

1: Let your baby watch unlimited amounts of TV from birth up until 2 years old – this will limit your interaction with your child and give you hours of peace! Of course, this comes at a price – your child will hear about 770 less adult words for every hour a TV is on! But hey, do we need them listening to what we say??? And learning new words?

2: If you never let your child play a musical instrument…after 3 years their verbal skills will be 15% lower than those whose parents have allowed them access to an instrument. Their memorisation skills will also be much lower than those who are allowed to play an instrument (remember, this is if you DON’T want your child to be a genius!).

3: Teaching your child the art of patience is a no-no! Kids who are patient actually score higher on entrance examinations  in the USA than impatient kids do. Who cares if they don’t achieve a high score for university entrance? So, don’t correct your kids if they show impatience (let them stamp their tiny feet when in waiting in a queue – won’t that be fun??)

4: As for exercise…it can increase intelligence, believe it or not! So again you would have to make sure that in order for your child to never achieve genius status, he or she should never, ever exercise, as only 40 minutes of exercise every day can actually increase their IQ 3.8 points over time (OMG!!! Imagine that!)

5: Keep on telling them that they are smart (even if you hope they are not!). This is actually reverse psychology as, if the child thinks he or she is smart then that child will work less hard at a task, thinking that being smart, means they don’t have to work so hard – so this will work in your favour of them not becoming a genius!

And finally, the most important point

6: Never, ever praise your child for any effort they make – just keep on telling them they are smart. If you praise an effort, (even if the effort only scored 40%) this will backfire as then they will then try very hard to attain the elusive100% and, horror of horrors, may actually end up smart!

As a caveat to all of the above nonsense – if you really do want a genius, than just reverse all the above points – especially the last one! Spend time on praising any effort your child makes as this will genuinely boost their self-esteem and make them want to work harder and they will, if the genetics co-operate, become very smart people, which is, after all, what we all want, isn’t it?

baby genius

smart little baby!

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