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Home at last!

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R & R time

Contrary to what everyone thinks when you get home for the first time with your brand new little human, you do not have to rush around doing all sorts of tasks! Now is the time to enjoy that first moment of being a new parent and introducing your newborn into your home and life. This newborn period is a time for you to get some much needed rest and relaxation and I have 7 tips to help you achieve this!

1: Your body tells you a story

Childbirth is a roller coaster of a time for your hormones! Don’t be surprised if, every now and then, you burst into tears for no reason at all!! Be kind to yourself – make a cuppa and just relax and think about the wonderful miracle that is your newborn.

2: Accept help

Don’t fall into the trap of always wanting to do everything yourself to prove to others that you can be a super mom and do it all!! Rather accept any offers of help from friends or family – even just half an hour of rest will be so good for you. So let them take baby for a walk, or sit with baby while YOU go out for a walk!

3: Basic cleaning

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Yes, your home should be basically clean, so just stick to the absolute basic cleaning tasks at first. You will get around to doing a thorough clean when your body tells you it is ready.

4: That irresistible phone call!

that irresistable phone call photo credit: pixabay.com

Ignore your phone UNLESS you really do have the energy to chat to friends or family. Of course they will want to know how you are and how your little one is doing.  Explain to them that you are settling in with your new baby and cannot spend hours on the phone but will get back to them as soon as you have the time.

5: Limit visitors time

Most people will understand that they shouldn’t hang around for hours –but if they don’t and you are getting tired, then explain to them that you would like to have a rest and ask them politely to leave.

6: Nap when you can

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When baby is newborn he or she will need frequent feeds which means you will be getting only short burst of night-time sleep. The night feeding always seems to take away much needed solid hours of sleep. So when baby is sleeping during the day, take a nap!! Newborns sleep around 20 hours of the day, so you should allow yourself to get in some much needed ZZZZ’s instead of racing around cooking supper or cleaning the house!!

7: Grab a shower/bath

This is another thing you can do once baby is sleeping. It is amazing how good you can feel after a lovely warm shower or even relaxing in a hot bath for 10 minutes!!

Final thoughts

When you first get home with baby, it can be a very confusing time for a first time mom. It is important for you to listen to your body, especially if you have had a C-section, and not try to do too much other than look after your little one and yourself. Who cares if the house isn’t spotless or the laundry has to wait another day or two to get done! You will soon settle into a routine which suits you and your new baby, a routine which will let you experience the joy of having a child. The newborn period will pass in a flash, make sure you don’t miss out on it by being too tired to enjoy this magical time. And, of course, you have to take lots of photos! It is really worthwhile to arrange a photosession with a professional photographer as sometimes you are just too tired to take photos. A lifestyle photographer will come to your home so you can just relax and be yourself and so can baby!

I’d love to hear your experiences as a new mom during that precious newborn stage when you first got your baby home! Drop me a line in the comments box below this post or email me at lydia@gofotolifestylenewbornphotography.co.za

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