7 Thoughts on Baby’s Nursery Décor (#21 Small Talk 2018)

What comes first?

How you set up your baby’s nursery can be great fun. But where do you start? Do you paint the room as your first step? Or do you buy all the furniture and then match the room paint to the furniture? Decisions, decisions! Below are 7 tips for you to check out and hopefully help you plan the way forward.

1: Nursery theme

nursery theme photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

The first thing to do is to decide what kind of theme you are going to have. Is it a modern theme or vintage one? An animal theme, maybe? The latest cartoon? A favourite children’s story book? Once you have chosen your theme, you can now go out and buy your baby’s cot!

2: First things, first

As your baby’s cot will probably be the centre of attention for quite a while, choose one that will go with whatever theme you have chosen. If you are buying a brand new cot do so with plenty of time for delivery (if it doesn’t dismantle and fit in your car) and also for assembly if the cot comes in parts that you have to put together. If the cot suffers any damage when being delivered you will want to have enough time to return it and have an undamaged version delivered. A second hand cot may need repainting, so this too must be taken into account.

3: Personal touches

personal touches photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

You may want to leave a wall space to add photographs of your baby’s growing years. Or you may want to put up pictures that go with the theme you have chosen, or family pictures. A rocking chair in the room is not only handy for those midnight feeds but is useful for you to sit in once your baby has reached toddlerhood and is playing in his room.

4: Painting

If you are repainting your baby’s room, plan to have all painting work finished at least two months before baby is due. Open up all the windows as often as you can in those two months to allow any potentially harmful substances that may be in the paint to dissipate. Nowadays the risk of paint fumes being harmful to expectant moms and also baby is low, it is still recommended not to paint if you are pregnant. So this is a job for your partner!

5: Long lasting, but safe

Any toys or other items should be safe for your baby as well as durable and washable. Babies have numerous “accidents” that include vomiting, diarrhoea and milk or juice spills. So if you have items that can be easily washed, you will save yourself a lot of grief!

6: Cupboards

wardrobes cupboard space photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

You will be needing lots of storage space for all your baby’s clothes, nappies and everything else that goes with having a little human living in the room. So make sure that you either have built in wardrobes or a dresser or both!

7: Lighting

Having a dimmer switch on the main light or even a night light is very useful for when you need to check on your child at any time of the night. When feeding you will also want to keep the light dimmed so as not to encourage your baby to wake up totally when all you want is to creep back into the warmth of your bed!

Final thoughts

Lastly, be realistic! There are so many lovely ideas out there and its okay to be inspired by them. But you have to be realistic about your budget, for how long the items you buy are going to be useful and for how long the items are going to last. Above all, safety comes first. There is no point in having the most beautifully decorated nursery with furniture to match which is not safe for your baby. Avoid buying brittle objects or toys which may have parts that can cause choking. Arrange the room in a way which gives you easy access to all that you might need and be aware of all the power points in the room which your child could reach as he grows older.

Once baby’s “pad” is organised to your satisfaction, you can step back and relax and just look forward to that moment when you first place your newborn in his new cot and stand there gazing at him or her in utter wonderment!!

I’d love to know how you decorated your baby’s room! Drop me a line at lydia@gofotolifestylenewbornphotography.co.za or let me know in the comments box below this.

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