9 Interesting Stats for new Parents

9 Interesting Statistics for Parents

Some subjects generate a lot of controversial talk when it comes to what parents should or should not do. Have you ever wondered what the majority of parents feel about these topics?

Last year BuzzFeed released some very interesting statistics based on what they called a “highly scientific” poll of 200,000 parents. Here are 9 controversial topics and what parents in the USA thought of them.

1: Homeschooling: 27% of parents think their child would get well rounded social and academic experience with home schooling….the remaining 146,000 obviously did not!

home schooling

2: Breastfeeding in public: 170,000 parents thought it was fine to breastfeed in public – a whopping 85%!  Only a measly 25% (30,000) said “no ways”!!! Shame on them, I say!!!

breast feeding

3: Circumcision: Most parents (71%) out of the 200,000 said they didn’t think it appropriate to circumcise little boys. The remainder were in favour of circumcision.


4: Spanking: When asked whether they would spank their child, the answer was fairly evenly distributed, with 52% saying “NO” and 48% voted “YES”.


5: Let baby cry: 114,000 parents said they would let their baby cry it out, whilst only 86,000 thought that that would not be the right thing to do.



6: Vaccination: On the subject of vaccination, I am happy to say that 94% of the parents polled said that they did vaccinate their child and only 6% thought it was bad.


7: C-sections: Elective C-section births got a 64% positive poll with 36% saying that they would rather have a natural birth.


8: Co-sleeping: Out of the 200,000 polled parents, only 37% were prepared to co-sleep with their baby and 63% said that they wouldn’t.



9: Drugs during childbirth: 92% of parents wanted to receive drugs during childbirth and only 8% said that no drugs should be administered (methinks these 8% must’ve been those who have never had to give birth!!).


So there you have 9 interesting stats. BuzzFeed, unfortunately, did not reveal the gender distribution of the 200.000 parents polled which would have been rather interesting to know. Also, this poll was done in the USA. It would be interesting to see where SA parents fall on the spectrum don’t you think????

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