9 shades of love

9 Ways to show your baby or child you love them!

A brief look at how to show your baby, toddler, child, teenager that you love them!!!

9 loving ways

1: Hug frequently


Hugs go a long way in showing you care. Whether it’s a happy moment or a sad moment or a birthday celebration, just hug your child often!!

2: Listen  ..


You should listen and make comments on every little sound that your newborn makes. If you have a toddler trying to talk, listening encourages him to try to get his message across and also shows him that you are interested in him and what he has to say. Never be too busy to listen to your child!

3: Try massage…..

Even if you are not a qualified masseuse, you can massage!!!Start right from when your baby is a newborn! Gently rubbing his back arms and legs shows him you love him and will soothe him. A gentle massage has also been shown to help preemies gain weight faster and improve their sleep quality http://www.medicaldaily.com/infant-massage-therapy-reduces-stress-premature-babies-245901

4: Be spontaneous…


Tell your toddler or older child that you love them during dinner, when you wake them, when you’re in the middle of shopping or when he makes you laugh. Just tell them you love them and give them a smooch kiss at random moments throughout the day!

5: Discipline with affection…

Even though you may feel very cross when your child is acting naughty, stay calm, hold your child and tell them why whatever they are doing is unacceptable – maybe it’s biting another kid – you could just hold your child and explain that biting hurts and its not nice to hurt others. Also he wouldn’t like to be bitten so he also shouldn’t be biting others!

6: Use your imagination…..

high five

If your child doesn’t like being cuddled or hugged you may have to use your imagination and show him your love in a different manner. You may give him a light punch on the arm, or a “high five” or ruffle his hair – whatever you feel your child accepts as a form of affection.

7: Be there through thick and thin….

All children make mistakes. It is important that even when mistakes are made you are there to listen, to reassure, to point them in the right direction and to feel their pain! Always be there for your child. Children learn invaluable lessons from the mistakes they make -as long as you listen, reassure them that you still love them and point them in the right direction!

8: Love even though you argue….

As your child grows older and reaches the argumentative stage, it can be very powerful to give him a hug or ruffle his hair after the argument is over! It’s so easy to be affectionate when your kid is being an angel, not so easy after an argument, but it is important to still show that you love him, warts and all!

9: Respect her limits

You have to respect your child’s feelings. If they are very shy and don’t want to kiss or hug a long lost relative, don’t force it. Some children take a long time to feel comfortable with people they regard as strangers! This also relates to whether your child wants to hug or kiss YOU…don’t force it, respect his space. Show your love in another way – maybe making his favourite meal. At least he knows you know what he likes to eat!!!

According to Kenneth Rubin, Professor of Human Development at the University of Maryland in the good ole USA, studies have shown that children’s moods, health and confidence can be boosted by affection. So don’t hesitate to find a way that suits your child to show him that you love him and always will!!!






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