March 31, 2016


Newborn lifestyle photography is about creating simple and authentic images that tell the story of welcoming your baby home.

I love to capture  those moments of love, excitement, wonder and amazement as well as that little curl of dark hair, the bald patch,

those tiny fingers and even tinier toes – this  is a photographer’s delight! My newborn sessions are timeless,relaxed and free flowing,

making the images  natural and whole-hearted.  As each baby is different, I do not set a time limit on my newborn sessions and I

like to fit in with the new routine being established. That being said, each session normally takes between 1-2 hours.

If baby is sleeping, I capture those fleeting expressions that flit across the face. Then we wait for baby to awaken and take those awesome

images, with mom, dad and any siblings or pets, if the parent desires this. My main focus is to try to capture the emotion of having such a

little human being in one’s home and the expressions on the faces of the mom, dad and siblings as they hold this tiny little newborn!

I use natural window light to capture my images and I do not pose the babies in any way, after all this is lifestyle photography!!

Once I reach my computer, all my images are carefully and professionally edited before being sent to the parents.

To see the style in which I capture the sweetness of a newborn baby, click on “Gallery”.

Click on “Individual images”  to see all the images of a particular newborn baby.

Below are a few images to whet your appetite!