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When your newborn first starts to smile your heart is overjoyed. When he or she starts babbling and coo-ing, you really feel as if your little one is finally starting to “talk” to you! What is he/she saying, you may wonder???

I came across this delightful poem, which seems to explain what baby might be trying to say as he or she gazes up into your face.

I’m sorry for the sleepless nights

amazing, asleep

as I lay me down to sleep

The times I make you sigh

I’m sorry for the crankiness

The times I scream and cry

I’m sorry I don’t have the words

For why I need you so

But I can tell you this one thing

That I need you to know

You are the centre of my world

You’re everything to me

You are my sun, my moon, my stars

You’re all that I can see

I’m only little a short time

amazing love

loving gaze

Soon I won’t need you so

But I will love you all my life

Just wanted you to know

(Author unknown)

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