Awesome Dads (#16 Small Talk 2018)

Exciting time

exciting time photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Labour pains begin! About-to-be dad checks that all the relevant items are packed in the “birth bag” and ushers the about-to-be mom into the car and off to hospital they go. Time passes and the dad-to-be is there, rubbing his partner’s back, bringing her ice cubes to suck and suffering any verbal abuse that is thrown his way as his partner goes through labour! It’s just the pain talking, he knows this!  Baby is finally born and the excitement levels are high. Friends and family visit and ooh and aah over baby and the new mom gets a lot of loving attention. But what about the new dad?

Baby’s arrival at home

awesome dad photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Most of the attention is still given to the new mom and newborn once they have arrived back in their home, with the new dad just going with the flow. But dads in this modern world are much more “hands on” with their little bundle of joy than they were 30 or 40 years ago. They try to take the load off their partner by bathing the baby, rocking, cuddling and soothing baby whenever baby is irritable and, if possible, they will even take on the “midnight” snack, if the mom has expressed milk into a bottle or baby is formula fed. And so often the dad’s help goes unnoticed to the rest of us (hopefully his partner appreciates it!!!).

Expression of thanks

To say a heartfelt thanks to all those dads out there who are supportive of their partners and playing an active role in their new baby’s life in hundreds of little (and not so little) ways, I came across the following poem which I dedicate to you!

awesome dad photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I Am Your Dad

When I heard the news of you,
I did the things that most Daddies do.
I opened up my heart so wide,
For you to have a place inside.

I tried to imagine the person you’d be,
would you look or act like me?
I thought of the things we would do,
The times we’d share, just us two.

I would hold your hand in mine,
be your protector, strong yet kind.
I would be your hero and friend,
give advice on which you’d depend.

I remember the day you were born,
I cradled a miracle, small and warm.
What words I had were scarce and few,
A tear was the best that I could do.

Life gave me a moment so rare,
Bursting with pride, love and care.
I promised you then all that I had,
You are my child, I am your Dad.

~ Author: Unknown ~

Final thoughts

awesome dad photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

All the photos in this blog were taken when I had the privilege of photographing newborns. This is when I noticed that the dads are always there, ready to give a hand with any and everything. The love they feel for their newborn is shown in the images and they are so proud of being his or her dad. I think that they deserve to be acknowledged for all that they do and I hope that the above poem as well as the images will let us realise just how much their newborn means to them.

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