August 26, 2016




Hi Everyone!

I had such an awesomely fun lifestyle newborn photoshoot recently that I simply had to share it with you! It actually turned into a newborn session plus a 13 month old who showed great fascination for the camera! The mom had booked me in January when she was only 15 weeks pregnant!  Time flies and before I knew it, the new baby was born and the photosession was about to start. I expected a rather frazzled mom and dad (I mean, TWO small little beings – the baby of 3 weeks and a toddler of 13 months – who wouldn’t be frazzled?!!!)   Not this mom! When I arrived at their house the mom looked absolutely amazing! She was chirpy, she was super relaxed, she was so full of energy and she was just so in the zone of motherhood, it blew my mind away (not that there is much to blow away!!). The dad too, was totally laid back and relaxed. I had barely set down my tools of the trade, when the adorable newborn was laid in my arms and her sister, a wide eyed 13 month old, was gazing up at me, with the most beautiful eyes. Oh my, a photographer’s dream come true, this was!!

After a cup of coffee, (made by the dad, I want to point out!!!) the fun started. The 13 month old couldn’t work out what the camera was, and kept on coming right up to the lens (some really cool shots resulted from this!) and then she pointed her cute little finger at herself on the back of the camera and said “baba” in an awed tone and then that little finger wanted to press each button and knob on a camera to see what it could do – maybe she’ll be a photographer one day!

The little one of 3 weeks was uber-cool and very co-operative. She didn’t even cry when being changed. A very brave dad held her up, no nappy in mid-air for a shot! (luckily she didn’t wee!). We had the little mite hanging over mom’s shoulder, wide-eyed, and we had her snuggled up in a scarf where she promptly fell asleep! The dad very cleverly had left the electric blanket on so once baby was laid on the bed to be changed into a different outfit, she was very content in that warmth! The only objection came when we tried her with a little headband – that, I want to tell you, she did not like, and told us all about it in no uncertain terms. The love in this family, their fun attitude and the help they offered gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and made me so very happy that I’ve chose to photograph newborns and toddlers up to their first year milestone! They are so innocent, so pure, so unaffected by the world outside of their home.

To this family and all the families I have photographed so far, – you are awesome, you are fun, you are energy personified and I wish you everything of the best that life can offer!!!




wide eyed wonder


to wee or not to wee?



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those eyes!