Baby babbles to real words

no,why, wont cant

Babbling away









Today I have been going down memory lane, remembering when my firstborn started cooing and babbling, I was so thrilled and coo-ed and babbled back!!

However, by his 7th month, I was rather fed up with just this endless “baby talk” and on a particularly long and tedious car trip with all this babbling coming non-stop from the baby seat (goodness knows WHAT he was talking about or even WHO he was talking to as neither of us was really looking at him, being in a car and all!), I recall turning to my husband and saying with a heartfelt sigh “I wish he would stop babbling and talk real words”. There must’ve been some evil genie listening in (even though I did not rub a magic lantern!) and he granted my wish all too soon.

Within a month, my little son (then only 7 months old) took my words to heart and he started actually muttering real words!!! So,by 8 months old we had “NO” coming out of the mouth of this babe whenever we tried to do anything with him…..try to feed him and it was NO with such a vigorous shake of the head that food went flying everywhere. Try to mention it was time for a bath and again out came that NO word from his little mouth, this time with vigorous wriggling of body as I was trying to undress him. Of course, once he was in the water, all negativity was forgotten as he played happily with the toy duck and boats and splashed water everywhere!! Then came the NO when it bath time was over – I won’t even go into that!!!

Soon after playing the NO word for all it was worth, the WHY word reared its ugly head. Oh my goodness….whenever we said something, anything…a little voice would pipe up with WHY??? Why was the weather nice? (because it is!) why are we going to the park? (so you can play), why are you sitting? (because I’m exhausted!) why are you laughing? (because you’re funny!) – why, why and more why!!!

Thankfully, by his 10th month he had added a few more words to his vocabulary like “won’t” and “can’t” (when asked to tidy up his toys!) but by his 12th month, he was actually talking in phrases and one could have a real “conversation” with him which was actually quite cool!!! From then onwards he never stopped talking!!! Not until he reached his teens!

Needless to say, when my second little boy was born, I did not rush him out of his babbling, cooing stage!!! I knew what was coming and luxuriated in those babbles! And I suggest that all you new moms and dads out there enjoy each stage YOUR little one is going through, the babbles, the gurgling, those wonderful smiles….all too soon, your baby will be walking the walk and talking the talk and you will have to have answers ready for all those WHY’s and reasons as to why the WONT’s and CANT’s should become WILL and CAN!!!

Forget about your awesome little baby being able to wrap you around their little pinkie, they soon are going to be keeping you on your toes!!!

Good luck and happy parenting!


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