Breast is Best (#12 Small Talk 2018)

5 Good Reasons why breast is best

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Ok, we all know that breastfeeding is meant to be the better choice nutrionally speaking, at least for the first few months. But some new moms just don’t want to. Maybe these 5 good reasons will encourage you to make breastfeeding your choice, even if you have previously shuddered at the idea!

1: It’s Free!

The number one reason is that breastmilk does not cost you a cent! Unlike the tins and tins of formula you will go through should you go the “bottle” route which will add up to quite a considerable expense as the months go by.

2: Less of a bother

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No preparation or sterilization of bottles is necessary…when baby is hungry you just let him latch on and drink contentedly. You can do this anywhere and at any time convenient to your baby. You don’t have to pack in bottles and sterilizing equipment when you go on holiday, either – a great plus!

3: No calculations necessary

Breastmilk comes perfectly formulated for baby’s needs and at the correct temperature. This is great for those middle of the night feeds, believe me! You don’t have to work out the amount of formula milk powder and water to make up a feed and then warm up that bottle.

4: Absorption of nutrients

As breastmilk is so easily digested, the nutrients are better absorbed by your baby and you will have less worries about milk allergies. Formula milk is made from many different sources and may present allergens to your baby.

5: Soothing

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Last but not least, it’s really easy to offer the breast to a cranky, irritable baby when rocking and cradling him is not sorting out his niggles. All babies go through periods where they seem to be fussing and crying endlessly – it could be due to a growth spurt, teething or illness and offering the breast does wonders to soothe under these circumstances.

Final thoughts

Unless you can’t breastfeed because of medical reasons, breastfeeding has so many advantages over formula feeding (both for the baby and the mom) that it really is worth a try. If your baby is not doing well on breastmilk, don’t give up breastfeeding altogether. Rather supplement your breastmilk with whatever formula your paediatrician has prescribed, so that your child will still get the benefits of breastmilk at least for the first 6 weeks of his little life.

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