Is Your Baby a Budding Einstein? (#3 Small Talk 2018)

Genius in the making?

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We all think, no –we KNOW that our child is amazing and is bound to be the next Einstein!! We keep a beady eye out for when our little one reaches those developmental milestones so beloved by those in the “know” and when they are reached before other little ones of the same age, this reaffirms our belief that our offspring is surely a genius! Personally, I think that each child will achieve those all important milestones whenever he/she is ready to. But a lot of parents would love to have a tiny, little inkling as to whether their little angel is really super smart. There are a few early signs that your beady eye can look out for and if your baby or toddler exhibits some of them maybe he/she will grow up to be another Einstein- who knows!

 Signs to look out for

  • Phenomenal memory skills

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Don’t we all wish that we could have a really good memory? One of the signs of a smart little one is if he or she can remember past events easily. An example of this is if they can easily recognise faces of people they have met once or twice or if they know the route to gran and granpa’s house after one or two visits. The earlier a child can remember past events is one of the signs that you may have a gifted child.

  • Focusing on things

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Your little one is constantly absorbing what is going on around him or her and learning from it. If you notice that your child starts watching some event or interaction really attentively from a very early age, then you could have a bright star on your hands! To counteract this, I know a few children who have had ADD (attention deficit disorder) and, therefore struggle to focus on one activity and yet are extremely intelligent!

  • Making connections

predicting outcome of actions




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Being able to predict the outcome of an action is actually quite hard to do for some adults and most little people only grow into this as they mature. So for a little one to be able to understand what will happen if he or she does a particular action is quite a step, mentally speaking. And if your tot can do this, maybe he really is a highly intelligent child

  • Early talking

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When your child suddenly starts talking to you in sentences at a really early age, be warned – you may have a budding genius crawling around according to the experts who have studied such children!

  • Late nights, early mornings

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Does your newborn not sleep much or your toddler is wide-eyed and bushy tailed when it comes to bedtime? And endless stories later, he is still awake? Despite this, he/she is also an early riser in the morning? This may mean that he or she is particularly bright and can’t bear to waste time sleeping! They want to be awake to learn everything they can in as short a time as possible!

Final Thoughts

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I’m not too sure about how many of these signs your child would have to exhibit to be considered an Einstein and I’m sure most children exhibit at least one or two of the above-mentioned signs! There are also even more signs you can keep that hawk-eye peeled for – such as being able to read before even going to school, or being artistic, or having a way with numbers. Even having a soft heart and crying over that ant you squished can be a sign of your kiddo being brighter than normal!! As far as I am concerned, every child is gifted in some way and it is up to us, the parents, to encourage and nourish whatever aptitude our little one shows!

So, whether your child ends up being labelled as “gifted” or not, EVERY child should be nurtured and supported in whatever talent he or she is showing – even if by the next week they have moved on to something quite different!

If you have any stories to tell about how YOU knew your child was on the way to becoming the next Einstein, drop me a line at or comment in the box below this post – I’d love to hear your story!

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