What Gift Will Your Child Remember?


I have only ONE gift from my childhood that I really remember! That gift was my first bicycle when I was 6 years old. Why do I remember that so vividly, you may ask? Well, a few weeks before Christmas, my dad took me to a second hand shop which had an old blue bicycle for sale. He wanted to see if I could ride it. He put me on the bike and, lo and behold, I was a natural!!! No fairy wheels needed, even if they HAD been available!! And I fell in love with that blue bicycle. But my dad did not buy it that day (I don’t remember the reason!)


old blue bike

Fast forward a week or two. Christmas eve and the lights were off and my sister and I were meant to be fast asleep. Naturally, we were not anywhere near sleeping as we planned to catch Santa this year. When we heard some noises coming from the lounge, we crept to the top of the stairs and watched. And there came my DAD (not Santa!) carrying a spanking new RED bicycle and placing it carefully under the tree!!!


new red bicycle

I was SO disappointed – not so much by the fact that my belief in Santa had been rudely shattered, but by the fact that it was not that old BLUE bike I had ridden in the second-hand shop!! On Christmas morning I refused point blank to ride that RED bike and my dad eventually bought the old blue bike for me!! And that’s the only childhood gift I can remember!!!

So that little memory got me thinking about what gifts we can give to our children –  gifts that will last in their memories and truly impact their lives?

Here are 5 little things YOU can do which they will remember forever!

1: Fairness – teach your child to be fair


being fair and just

Life throws a lot of curve balls – but if a wrong has been committed and if my child has the ability to correct it, I would want him to do so, but with compassion.

2: Curiosity – allow your child to be curious



Most children are naturally curious. Nurture this curiosity and encourage your child to ask questions about what, why, how, who, where and when –  even though you may have a tough time answering!!! (you can always turn to Google when desperate!!)

3: Respect for others


respect for others

We are all different, with different ideas, opinions and beliefs. Teach your child to respect the opinion of others (even though he may not be of the same opinion), respect their beliefs and respect the other’s culture.

4: It’s a beautiful world!

beautiful world

all creatures great & small

Help your child to see the beauty in all things of nature, big or small and also in the people around him. Teach him to respect nature’s resources so that they may last for HIS children!

5: Love and appreciation














Last but not least,

Let your child know often how much you love him, how much you believe in him and how much you appreciate him. Sure, they will make mistakes…kids are kids. If they learn from their mistakes, then it is a lesson well earned!

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