Choose the Right Baby Name (#11 Small Talk 2018)

How to know if you have chosen the right name

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We all know that one’s name is a fundamental part of one’s identity. This makes choosing a name for your baby a crucial decision for you. A lot of new parents will use the name of a respected member of the family as the name they choose for their child. Some will choose a name which has a special or significant meaning to them and yet others will choose exotic names or a favourite movie star’s name.
But how to choose a name which will be perfect for your baby as he or she grows? There may not be a perfect answer to this but here are 8 tips which may help you to make this important choice:

1: The Modern Choice
You may love the name Fitzgerald which may have been suitable in the Victorian era. But don’t condemn your child to a lifetime of being embarrassed by his name. Rather choose a more contemporary name. Be wise in your choice of a middle name as well.

2: Watch out for embarrassing initials
Make sure that your baby’s names or names cannot be shortend into embarrassing initials like LOL or BLT.
3: Complements your surname
Your child is going to be stuck with his name forever so you don’t want to choose a name that together with your surname will lead to him being made fun of as he grows. So choose a name that goes well with your surname and doesn’t either rhyme or clash with it.

4: Nicknames
A lot of the time the name you give your child will inevitably be shortened by his peers. So if a name can be changed to a nickname, make sure you like the shortened version too. Like Daniel being shortened to Dan for instance. Are you happy for your child to be Dan when you actually love the full version?

5: Picture your child as an adult
Once you have chosen a name that both you and your partner are absolutely in love with, ask yourself whether you would respect an adult with that name. If the answer is a yes, then you have found the right name!
6: Pronunciation and spelling
This is actually a very tough call in our society (South Africa) with such a diverse population. But you can at least choose a name which is easy enough for your child to spell and teach others how to pronounce it correctly.

7: Avoid Fad names
So you love Shakespeare’s works and decide to name your child Macbeth or Hamlet or Romeo. Not a wise decision!! Think about this one very carefully!! Do you really want your baby to be saddled with a fad name?

8: The Smile Name
If a smile appears on your face every time you hear your baby’s name, then you have chosen the right name!

Final thoughts
It is worth taking the time and trouble to choose the perfect name for your baby who will, after all, have to live with his name for all eternity! Imagine your little one answering to his name and liking his name, not being embarrassed by it but rather wearing it proudly. Ask your friends’ opinions, your parents’ opinions and take your time in making sure you are choosing the correct name for this little person!
I’d love to hear which name YOU chose for YOUR baby! Also whether you like the you’re your parents gave you and whether you think it suits you! Use the comment box below or email me directly at

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