Choosing the Right Hospital

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How to choose? 

How do you
go about choosing the right hospital for YOU? Just because friends or relatives
gave birth to their baby in a certain hospital doesn’t necessarily mean that it
is the best one for you and your needs. The hospital you choose plays an
important role for that first step towards parenthood that you take but the
attitude of the staff and the philosophy of the maternity ward play a big part
in starting you off with either a wonderful experience or a terribly bad one.
Many women just go with whichever hospital their doctor suggests for delivery
but it is worth finding out if that is really the place you want. Start looking
for the right hospital early on in your pregnancy so that you can take your
time. If your doctor refuses to deliver your baby in the hospital you have
chosen, you will then have time to consider why he/she feels that way and
whether you want to go with the hospital chosen by him/her or change your
doctor and go with the hospital you have chosen.

Here are
some features to consider when choosing a hospital:

  • Are
    you allowed to tour the maternity ward with your partner?
  • Do
    the staff take the time to answer all your questions or are they impatient with
  • Can
    you choose your own birthing plan (Maybe you want a waterbirth. Or maybe you
    want to be able to walk around freely during labour)
  • Is
    there a homely feel to the ward or is it very clinical and aseptic looking?
    Which do you prefer?
  • Do
    they encourage breastfeeding and do they have the staff to help you with this?
  • Does
    your baby stay with you all the time? Or will he/she be whipped away at night
    despite you wanting to be with him/her all the time?
  • Can
    your partner be with you throughout the birthing?
  • Can
    your partner stay with you for your hospital stay or are there strict visiting
    hours for him, too?
  • Do
    they charge medical aid rates? If not, what are their rates?
  • Are
    they a “baby friendly” hospital?
  • Will
    they allow a birth photographer, if you so desire?

I’m sure
that there are many more questions that you would like to ask and I encourage
you to do so. It also helps if you make a list of all your questions before you
go around to look at hospitals as once there you may forget exactly what you
wanted to ask! It happens to all of us!


this is YOUR pregnancy and YOUR baby and you want the experience of birthing to
be as happy and comfortable as it can be. The right hospital will do that for
you and give you the best start to parenting! So don’t be shy, fight for what
YOU want which may not necessarily be what your doctor wants…..but always
listen to and consider your doctor’s reasoning for wanting a particular


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