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All new dads of baby boys should be warned – little boys are watching everything you do and say and the manner in which you do or say it!

It’s all too easy for a father of a little boy to think it’s going to be a breeze – after all, you have been a little boy yourself…been there AND got the T-shirt.

By the time your little guy starts to develop his own little (or big!) personality he may start to resist what you have got to say if it doesn’t gel with what you actually do!

There are 5 behaviours that your little boy is probably going to want to copy what you are doing – after all, you are his dad, his hero.

First of all your little boy is aware of how you treat women. Your little guy will be watching your interaction with the ladies, especially his mom. If you talk to them and treat them with respect, show your wife the love you feel, he will copy this as he grows older as he will have learned that women deserve respect and he will also see  that it doesn’t make him a lesser man when he shows his feelings.


Secondly, he is also watching how you are around other men. What does it really mean to be a man? And what about gay men or different races and nationalities – how do you treat them? Is everyone equal in your eyes? Your impact as a positive male role model is priceless.

Coming in third is “being kind to yourself”. Do you take an extra day off every now and again instead of working late? Do you have time to play with your sons, right from babyhood? When you splurge a wee bit on a special family vacation, that little boy is going to notice and absorb the information. Of course if you skive off work often, this would not be a good example! But a day’s leave, every now and then, just to be with your family is a good thing to do.

Fourthly, sometimes he needs you to be the tough bloke and discipline him if he needs it. At the same time he also wants your hugs and kisses –love and affection should not just be reserved for girls. Sometimes he needs you to actually say “I love you”

And last, but not least, he is watching how you behave out there in the big wide world. When you keep your word, balance your cheque book, tip a waiter/waitress, thank someone politely, he notices and he will encompass it in his adult life, because you have shown him the way.

So new dads, remember that you are “daddy” right from the moment that little chap appears and bonding with your baby boy could be a big help in curbing behavioural issues by the time he reaches his first birthday. So don’t just leave it all up to mom and expect to step in when your little boy is “old enough to be fun”. Have fun with him right from the minute he is born. It will be worth it as your little man grows into adulthood!


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