Benefits in being an older mom (#26 Small Talk 2018)

 Fifty shades of Grey!


I have been wondering why more and more women are choosing to have their firstborn later in life – after the magical age of 35 – along with this, I have wondered what  would be the advantage of waiting until later in life to have a baby? A few years ago, if someone chose to fall pregnant when she was older than 35, she was considered to be nuts!  Nowadays, however, it is not so rare an occurrence.   So what makes women wait until later – until their hair has become 50 different shades of grey, albeit cleverly disguised with the aid of their hairdressers? In the wee hours of the morning, I could think of 5 possible reasons for women postponing their venture into motherhood until their late 30’s or even into their 40’s. Maybe you can think of even more!

1: Patience

patience greater patience comes with an older mom

Women have realized that they would have more patience at this great age of over 35. And that they would, no doubt, need it for answering those endless “why” questions, reading or telling the same stories over and over again, not to mention watching films like “The Little Mermaid” or “Frozen” innumerable times. When you’re young and about to be a mom, you don’t think this far ahead!

2: Careers

careers putting off motherhood to establish a career

Most women nowadays have a career and they think they and their partner would be more financially stable by this point in their lives…maybe even own their own house by then…for some of us, this was true, and very helpful indeed if one did own the house outright – but practically speaking, the bank still owns the house and couples still have to pay off the bond! Be that as it may, let’s face it, when one is older there’s more money available for the baby!

3: Experiencing life

partying realising that parties are for the younger generation

Once a woman has reached 35 years or older a woman has definitely had more life experiences ….I mean who has not partied enough by the time they are in their late 30’s? So now we can impart words of wisdom, our morals and our newly realized values to our little ones, having been there, done that AND got the T-shirt!
One is now ready to settle down and tackle motherhood and leave the all night partying to our younger generation.

4: Sensible diet

sensible diet encouraging healthy eating in our little ones

By the age of 35+, surely most women are sick and tired of take-outs, KFC, burgers and other fast foods and have hopefully learned to eat a more healthy diet. So they will make sure that they will eat healthily while pregnant. And once their baby is born they will continue with this healthy way of eating and would now be better prepared to feed their children in a healthy way (at least until the kids reach their teens, surely???)

5: Living Longer

Information is out there that women who are able to have children in later life seem to be living longer than those who had their brood in their 20’s  and who wouldn’t want to live longer! One would think that running around after a toddler when one is in one’s 30’s or 40’s would actually hasten the arrival of the grim reaper, but research has shown that the older first time mom is FOUR times more likely to reach a ripe old age of greater than 100 years of age whereas those who chose motherhood in their 20’s generally only last until they are 73 years old!!

Final thoughts

Personally, I would like to live to be 100 years old, so as to be around to see my  grandchildren’s children which would be a thrill and a half. Unfortunately, this may not happen for me as I had my first child when I was the tender age of 30, so I’ve lucked out there!!! What about you?

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