August 22, 2016

Gallery 2

Caitlin – 10 months old

Oh Caitlin, you are such a sweetheart!

When I met up with her parents at the gates to Kirstenbosch gardens, Caitlin gave me a quizzical look as if to ask, “who are you??” –obviously she didn’t remember that she was the star of all the previous photo-sessions I had done with her since she was 4 weeks old!!! We found a great spot to settle down in and what a joy it was to capture this beautiful little girl’s expressions and big blue eyes as she responded to her parents. Caitlin is so photogenic one can’t but help taking endless photographs of her as she smiles, plays and finally falls asleep!!  Caitlin’s parents are two really super people, by the way – so calm and so relaxed that Caitlin can’t but help being a happy and relaxed little girl and we all really have fun as well as taking the photographs!.



Callum – one month old

This little guy started off sleeping quite happily, even after being placed (very carefully, by dad!) in a tree!! The park we decided to do the photo session in has a magnificent 100+-year-old Moretan fig tree which lends itself beautifully for photographs amongst its little nooks and crannies formed by its huge roots – some nooks were more like caves! After the tree images, Callum became a little more restless and possibly a wee bit cold as  mom changed him into a different outfit. After a quick feed, he was back to his sleepy little self until the end of the shoot when he made himself heard and we called it a wrap! Delightful shoot outdoors with an awesome couple and an equally awesome little boy.

callum8521_1 callum8519_1 callum8515_1 callum8499_1 callum8488_1 callum8512_1 callum8464-white_1 callum8452_1 callum8494_1 callum8440 callum8496_1 callum8522_1


What an awesome experience it was for me to meet little Ziah’s family – her brother, Quiraan – 4 years old, her mom, her grandma and grandpa! These were special people who immediately welcomed me into their home where baby Ziah proceeded to be the star of the show, as you can see! Thank you to this family from the bottom of my heart for making this photoshoot such an heartwarming experience for me.

Ziah6880 Ziah6913 Ziah6885 Ziah6879 Ziah6876 Ziah6865Ziah6900Ziah6856Ziah6834


Ziah6859 Ziah6816 Ziah6804 Ziah6929 Ziah6922






Caitlin – 3 months later!

My word, but how Caitlin has grown! I first photographed her as a gorgeous newborn and she is now a stunning little 3 month old! Such a little poppet as a newborn and now a beautiful little lady. So calm, so relaxed and with smiles for mom and dad who are very calm and relaxed themselves! It is such a pleasure for me to do a follow up shoot and be able to see how well the little ones and their parents are doing. Everything has settled down and Caitlin’s parents are well into the groove of good parenting judging by the calm and happy atmosphere that one feels as you step into their home!

Caitlin-3-months7162 Caitlin-3-months7199 Caitlin-3-months7207 Caitlin-3-months7221 Caitlin-3-months7222 Caitlin-3-months7228 Caitlin-3-months7229 Caitlin-3-months7252 Caitlin-3-months7261 Caitlin-3-months7269 Caitlin-3-months7151 Caitlin-3-months7160

Cole – 13 days young!

What a gorgeous little sleepy head Cole is! So relaxed, we could pick him up, throw him around (only kidding!) and he just carried on sleeping. We changed him into various outfits, had him naked apart from his nappy – nothing fazed Cole. He never cried once and only started to niggle when he needed a feed!! This photo session was a real pleasure and lots of fun!!!

cole-wenlock8187 cole-wenlock8191 cole-wenlock8071 cole-wenlock8081 cole-wenlock8084 cole-wenlock8089 cole-wenlock8117 cole-wenlock8130 cole-wenlock8143 cole-wenlock8157 cole-wenlock8164 cole-wenlock8170