The Good, The Bad & the Downright Ugly

Dedicated to the long suffering moms and dads of newborns who have colic


This being one of THOSE days (when you forget to brush your hair before appearing at work!), I am going to start back to front with this! Here goes..

colic is ugly

ouch, this hurts!








The Downright Ugly

As far as I am concerned “COLIC” should be one of those things classified as downright ugly! Why, you may ask…well because

  • No-one can tell me exactly what “colic” is…there are a lot of theories out there, but no proof!
  • No-one can tell me what causes “colic” ….again, a lot of theories out there, no facts!
  • More importantly for me, here we have newborns crying inconsolably for long periods of time and nothing really works to soothe them…how can this be???

There is one theory as to what colic actually which I think is somewhat plausible and this theory speculates that in some newborns (1 in 5 to be precise!) their digestive system is not yet up to scratch and it is thought that the undigested milk (either breast or formula…doesn’t matter which) is causing great discomfort for the poor little being. If this theory were to hold true, surely someone, somewhere would have discovered some way to alleviate the pain the baby is experiencing?

The Bad

And so we come to the Bad. This is the fact that what is known as colic, lasts for up to 3 whole months of the newborn’s life. Three months of discomfort experienced more than 3 times per week (in most cases it is every day!) as an introduction into life in our world. In those 3 months new parents come to doubt their parenting skills, they wonder what on earth they can be doing wrong as nothing consoles their crying baby. Their patience is hanging in there by a thread (sleepless nights will wear away patience!) and the only light at the end of the tunnel is that they are told the colic will resolve itself at the magical 3 month milestone. At least there is some comfort in believing that colic does not harm a baby.

The Good

In the midst of all this inconsolable crying, at around the 6 week mark your newborn gives you his first smile! Oh my! What a moment. You can hardly believe it. Your heart does a little flip and you will do ANYTHING for this wonderful child of yours! He smiled at YOU. All the misery felt when your newborn was crying and nothing you did helped comfort him, is forgotten in that one smile. You feel you must be doing something right after all! So all you moms and dads out there who have a newborn with colic, hang in there – only another 6 weeks to go before that magic milestone when the colic will vanish and the smiles will become bigger, followed by giggles and gurgles and you will start to sleep better!! This has to be good.


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