April 5, 2016


GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Created to bring affordable newborn images within the reach of most new parents!

Have you thought about capturing the uniqueness of your newborn baby between 7-28 days after birth, but think you can’t afford it? Little babies grow so rapidly that to have images of your little one –  those precious little fingers, even tinier toes, that little tuft of hair, that quirky little smile or that adoring look as they gaze upon your face –  taken in those first few weeks in the home environment will make precious memories to reflect on as your child grows into adulthood (yes, I know that is ages away, but that is precisely the point…the images captured today will enable you to remember what your grown up child  looked like all those years ago when he or she first entered your life!!). The first year of a baby’s life is full of milestones – that first smile, sitting up, crawling and walking – I love to capture all these magical moments to make wonderful memories for parents and the child as he or she grows and wants to know what they were like as a baby!!

I really love and have lots of fun photographing newborn babies in their home environment, using natural light and I also enjoy using my creative side to enhance these natural images. Who am I? My name is Lydia Lacerda and after many years as a Research Scientist, I have decided to follow my heart and make the precious moments captured on camera available to the vast majority of new parents at three very reasonably priced packages so that most new moms and dads in Cape Town can get those wonderful, amazing images without breaking the bank! For the past two years, I have specialised in photographing  newborn babies in their home environments, honing my skills on the babies of family and friends! I keep my costs down by working from home and photographing the babies in their own home.  Check out the  affordable packages I offer on my website by clicking on “Pricing” (I even have mini sessions so everyone can have a few professional images which will not leave your pocket empty!).  Have a peek at my images and if you  would then like to book a session with me for your newborn cutie, or for any of your baby’s milestone months or if you have any questions as to what lifestyle newborn photography is about, you can contact me by  emailing me on either





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