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A Toddler’s Imagination

Expect the unexpected when it comes to your toddler’s imagination! Your little one is a very observant little human and takes note of what everyone around him or her is up to! Toddlers have a seemingly endless supply of curiosity and will explore where angels fear to tread in order to find an answer – so be prepared!

So what can you expect?

One minute your toddler will be fascinated by your pots and pans and the next minute he/she is up and running off to explore a leaf which has blown in the door. For instance, my little grandson (the cutest little human, EVER!) is in total awe of my ancient and very old fashioned filter coffee machine – he loves to watch the whole process from measuring out how many cups of water we need (he’s learning to count here!) to counting out the spoons of coffee to go in the filter (again, counting) then he waits to switch it on and watch until every last drop of water has sputtered out and turned into coffee.

What do toddler’s enjoy doing?Pretend play


  • Pretend Play

          learning through pretend play photo credit

Toddlers seem to enjoy dressing up and imagining themselves to be someone or something else!

Finger painting and colouring in with wax crayons (scribbling all over the page, really) seems to draw toddlers like a moth to a flame. The more messy it is, the more they seem to like it.

  • Music

  • music to dance to photo credit

Most toddlers seem to like “creating” their own music by thumping on anything that comes to hand such as an empty (or full) tin or banging pot lids together. Also popular is dancing around and wiggling                     bums to music off the radio or dad or mom’s cell phone.

Imagination-stimulating games for your toddler

Based on what toddlers enjoy doing here are some activities which are bound to get that imagination running wild!

  • Dressing up: pretend play as a policeman/woman, a firefighter, a dancer, a nurse, a doctor and so on is great fun and at the same time your toddler learns what these jobs are all about. Make believe dressing up is also much loved – which toddler doesn’t like pretending to be Spiderman/woman or Superman?
  • Fingerpaints and crayons might be messy but oh, they are so much fun! If you can, do this outdoors on one of those little plastic kiddie tables. If the weather is not suitable, lay out newspaper on the kitchen floor or other tiled area and let them “paint” or scribble on sheets of brown paper taped to the newspaper. Toddlers see and learn all the different colours whilst having fun and “painting” or “drawing” scenes and people seen only in their imagination!
  • Where music is concerned, you probably already have your selection of favourite music on your cell phone, iPod or CD collection that you can play and sing along with your toddler. Dancing around madly with your little one is a great way to bond as well!
  • Big cardboard boxes (which supermarkets normally give away free – just ask the store manager) make wonderful toys as they can be whatever your child imagines them to be! They can be turned into cars zooming down the passage, or a house to creep into and play with other toys. Cardboard boxes are a great way to set your toddlers imagination free.
  • Water play is another fun way to stimulate imagination. Toddlers love water and sand play, especially if they can mix the two together! You end up with one happy, mud-spattered and happy little boy or girl. Remember safety, though. It is not wise to leave your child alone even with only 1cm of water in a bucket. Anything can happen and it is best to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Last, but not least is reading books to your toddler, even if they can’t fully grasp what the story is about at first. This activity teaches your child to sit and listen (even if only for 2 minutes!) and amazingly it can also increase their vocabulary, especially if you really make the story entertaining with different voices, tones and facial expressions!

books are a great way to explore a variety of topics a fun way to learn is with water play

So there you have some ideas of how to occupy your toddler’s days whilst letting his imagination take over! When you sit back and watch your toddler as he gets involved in his games you will probably alternate between hysterically laughing or being quite puzzled as to what your little one is up to. Whichever it is, make the most of these awesome years where their creativity is at its best and unrestricted by convention! All too soon your little one will be starting his first day at school, where, hopefully his imagination carries on being nurtured.


I would love to hear from you with any ideas, comments or stories about your toddler that you may have! Drop me a line at my email, or just use the comment box below.


Till next time, have fun with your toddler!


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