April 11, 2016

Individual images


Brother to Aiden (who is just 17 months) and just as gorgeous. The wonder and delight at having another little baby boy shone through with this awesome couple.  The little 17 month old was full of fun and proved to be an aspiring photographer as I showed him how to take some images with my camera! And he didn’t do too badly either, let me tell you! It really was a fun and relaxed session and I keep on hoping that this couple will go for a third baby….just so I can have the absolute pleasure of photographing the whole family again!

Liam with dad Liam on dad's arm dad with Liam Aiden loves Liam Liam is a winter baby fun family Liam ready to go out Aiden playing with Liam Aiden holding Liam family holding hands Liam on mom's shoulder


This adorable little boy, Joshua, was so tiny and so very cute. He was super relaxed and didn’t cry once. The parents were full of love and Joshua obviously could feel that and was a very contented baby. Although only 3 weeks old when I photographed him, he seemed to enjoy spelling out his name with his blocks!

so tiny! snuggle time naughty look mom and me Joshua-Kroukamp-newborn-session4509 I love my mom! hi there! family love curling toes this is MY name the thinker! the look


What a pleasure it was to photograph this gorgeous little girl and her friendly and loving parents! We had a super and relaxing time and baby Aemilia co-operated beautifully! It seemed as if the time flew by and all too soon the session was over.  I always feel so inspired whenever I come away from a newborn photographic session as these little humans and the love they inspire give me great joy.

this is MY mom! Sshh! Now, listen here! mom tickles! MY mom! I love my mommy disbelief! dad, the baby whisperer! A mom's love contentment A dad's love wonderment what's that over there!


Aiden is an amazingly relaxed little boy. So content and at peace! He also loves his mom to bits. Mom is also so relaxed and calm which explains why Aiden is so calm…until you try to change his clothes….then he objects!

rubbing noses peaceful sleep not too happy lots of hair mom loves me! look over there! in his comfort zone fast asleep cuddles determined to sleep! and now I lay me down to sleep..


Isabella did not like having various hats put on her head and told us so in no uncertain terms!! This is an awesome little lady with a will of her own and so beautiful too! Mom and Dad were totally cool with the various shots and I had a lot of fun taking the images of Isabella. We even managed one hat, one head band and a ballet outfit!!

our little girl if I could only roll over... mom's kisses I could've danced all night! feeling sheepish! a little ballerina Dad's girl! trusting smile for dad at 14 days! parent's love


Rylee is an adorable little boy, so awake and inquisitive as to what was going on around him. He has a very proud mom and dad and also a big brother who simply can’t wait to play with soccer with him!

fast asleep fit for crawling dreaming happily breakdancing at 3 weeks! safe with dad mom,dad and me love love you! hi there! little feet in B&W little feet


Zahida is a little beauty queen! With her startingly blue eyes she is going to turn many a head as she gets older! A little lady, with a will of her own, she definitely objected to the various outfits mom wanted to dress her in, but soon calmed down and smiled and gurgled and faced the camera like a professional!

wow! smiling for mom proud mama and papa proud dad pretty! pretty in pink pretty as a picture pink beauty look at my outfit! look at me now little feet in a feisty mood hallo! wow! those blues! this is good! peek-a-boo oh, I say! look of love


Mogamat loved being bathed! He gurgled away and smiled at his mom all the way through bathtime and once dressed just wanted his milk and then it was off to the land of Nod! A beautiful little boy with very proud mom and dad, sisters and brother!

mother love hi mom! love my bath! looking around isn't it feed time yet innocence hi dreaming content bath time trust squeaky clean! snuggle up oh look!


Another one of my adorable little “models” – Maahira. She handled the photo shoot like a professional and never once complained, but always seemed to smile and have such a mischievous look! What a pleasure and privilege  it was to photograph her with her very friendly mom, dad, sister and brother.

Maahira Maahira Family-Kagee0013 Family-Kagee-0001 Family-Kagee0005 Family-Kagee-0006 Family-Kagee0007 Family-Kagee0064 Family-Kagee0017 Family-Kagee0034 Family-Kagee0016 Family-Kagee0032 Family-Kagee-0015 Family-Kagee0036 Family-Kagee0031 Family-Kagee0014 Family-Kagee0030 Family-Kagee0011 Family-Kagee0028 Family-Kagee0024 Family-Kagee0023 Family-Kagee0010 Family-Kagee0009 Family-Kagee00018 Family-Kagee0019 Family-Kagee0008 Family-Kagee0039 Family-Kagee0052 Family-Kagee0053 Maahira Family-Kagee0054 Family-Kagee0042 Family-Kagee0045 Family-Kagee0055 Family-Kagee0056 Family-Kagee0046 Family-Kagee0047 Family-Kagee0057 Family-Kagee0059 Family-Kagee0048 Family-Kagee0049 Family-Kagee0060 Family-Kagee0061 Family-Kagee0050 Family-Kagee0051 Family-Kagee0062


high need baby

Caitlin at 4 weeks and at 3 months

What an adorable little girl Caitlin is! So good, so peaceful and so very content – a real tribute to her relaxed parents who were full of fun ideas as well! Eventually, after one and a half hours of labour, Caitlin fell asleep surrounded by her toys!!

Caitlin-Dewar6443 Caitlin-Dewar6441 Caitlin-Dewar6436 Caitlin-Dewar6432 Caitlin-Dewar6428-close-up Caitlin-Dewar6410 Caitlin-Dewar6409 Caitlin-Dewar6395 Caitlin-Dewar6389 Caitlin-Dewar6386 Caitlin-Dewar6370 Caitlin-Dewar6362












Caitlin at 6 months

Caitlin at 10 months