Milestones – 5 Fun Photos of your baby

5  milestone photos to take every month!

I simply love coming to take the professional milestone images of your children – from newborn and then on through the months – at 3 months with their first attempts at smiling, sitting up at 6 months, possibly with those two front teeth,  the curiosity stage at around 9 months and the final hurdle from babyhood into toddlerhood at 12 months!! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some milestone photos yourself! After all, you ARE with your baby EVERY day as they grow, trying out new things and practising new expressions and you could embrace the moment, grab your camera or cell phone and take the 5 different types of images which I would love to take if only I were there! Just think, if you did take a photo, each month, one from each “style” listed below, then you would have 60 “milestone” images by the end of your baby’s 1st year. Imagine the fun you can have creating a storybook album from those photos to share with your child and family!

Here are my favourite types of images:

1: The Portrait Shot

milestone portrait

A great way to actually be able to see the changes in your baby’s face over a period of time is by placing your baby in the same spot each month and capturing his reaction when you tell him to smile. Each month will produce a different expression as your baby interprets that instruction (not to mention before he has teeth and once the teeth start to appear!).

2:  New Mannerisms


The little ones observe our actions more intently than we realise and they soon start to mimic these. They imitate our expressions, hand gestures, our frowns and the way we laugh. It is great fun to capture a new expression or mannerism which your baby has copied from you or your partner, so be prepared to grab that moment, be it with your cell phone or a camera!

3: Playtime

milestones playtime

Playtime obviously changes as your baby becomes more adept at doing different things – from when they first learn to play peek-a-boo, to grabbing things when a bit older and on to trying to kick a ball around or catch it when they are 2 years old, a baby is always learning something new and these shots make wonderful memories. Even when your child is older and perhaps learning how to skateboard – these all make very worthwhile captures. 

4: Bathtime


Don’t they look cute in the bath? That intense look of concentration as they play with the soapy bubbles or their little yellow ducks! Again, once a month, grab your camera and take a shot of these mellow moments!

5: Their Favourite Toy


When they cuddle their favourite toy or get angry with their favourite toy (and what child doesn’t have something which is their favourite?) –  get out that cell phone and snap away. Sometimes the favourite toy will change from month to month and your child will love to be able to track these changes in a few years from now.

I’m sure you will be able to think of many other moments other than these five which I have mentioned! Although you will probably not be able to print these images as a large wall hanging (due to pixel size) your images will still definitely make a wonderful photoalbum, recording the various stages in your child’s life. So, dust off your camera or get out that beautiful new iPhone and once a month go for these shots!


Happy snapping!


P.S Don’t forget to also get a shot with mom and a shot with dad, too!!


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