Milllenials as Parents

#1 Small Talk 2019

Exploring why parents today are so different from those of yesteryear!

The impact on life as a millennial parent

One has to realise that bringing a new life into your world has far reaching
implications. The birth of your baby will impact on everything you do. Before
baby comes along, you do what YOU feel like doing and you do it when it is
convenient for YOU! Even the way you choose to deliver your baby, affects the
birth stories you will be telling your child. Those birth stories, in turn,
have an impact on your child’s self-esteem.

2019 is here and many young couples will be thinking perhaps of starting to expand their family with a little one. I started to think about the attitude most of the young people nowadays seem to express. The millennial generation is often referred to as the “Me” generation. Most people born in this era seem to live by the code of “what do I want” and “what suits me and my schedule”. When a baby is born, your whole way of thinking has to change from “me” to “us”. You have to change the way you think from “what is best for me” to “what is best for my baby” and you have to start planning on how to give your child the best start in life. So, can millennial parents change and put their child first? I think some soul-searching is very necessary before you agree to conceive another human life and I hope this blog will give you some food for thought!

Apps for everything!

There is now an app for almost everything. From the best time to try to
conceive, to how many times your child pees or poos per day! Are all these apps
necessary? What about the joy of conceiving without the help of any app? What
about bonding so that we are so in tune with our baby that we know
instinctively when things are right or not? There is, of course, the fact that
more and more parents are hardly spending any time with their child. The baby
or child gets dropped off at 7:00am and picked up at 5:00pm. So an app might be
the only way these parents CAN keep in tune with what is going on with their

Social media knows all – or does it?

Social media makes me cringe sometimes. If you feel your child has a medical
problem, a qualified opinion should be sort out! Why take the chance that what
one mom writes worked for her child will work for yours? Are the symptoms
identical? How can one know and trust in this advice? It is a fact that not all
the information available on the internet is correct. As a parent it is your
responsibility to make sure you get correct information. This should come from
someone qualified to do so. Being a mom does not qualify anyone to diagnose and
treat your child over social media!!

If you are a millennial, you should think long and hard about the reasons you want to have a baby. Are you prepared to give up your lifestyle of “me and what I want”? Are you prepared to adapt to the lifestyle of providing whatever is best for your child? Is it because you would love to have a child because all you ever wanted was to be a mother? Or is it because it is the “socially acceptable” thing to do? Be honest with yourself and your partner. And if you really and truly want to have children and will always do your best for THEM, then I wish you everything of the best in the new phase of your life!

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