My Baby Boy and Me

I should like to share this poem I came across. It is for all the new moms out there with newborn baby boys. I’d also like to dedicate it to my wonderful daughter-in-law who is doing an awesome job loving my little grandson, born just over a month ago, even though she doubts herself at times!! For those new moms with gorgeous baby girls…watch this space – I will find something by next week for you, too!!

My Baby Boy and Me

It’s 3am, and they are all  asleep

And no-one’s here to see

As mom and child rock slowly back and forth

Her baby boy and me


The tiny hand is so feather light

Tucked up against my chin

I hold that tiny hand in mine

and stroke his baby skin


The house about us creaks and groans,

The clock hands creep around

He snuggles close to me still

And makes his baby sounds


I love these quiet hours so much

and cherish every one

Store memories up inside my heart

For the lonely nights to come


All too soon he’ll be grown up

His need for mama gone

But until then I still have time

For kisses and for song


Time for quiet hours like this

With him cuddled in my arms

Where I wish he would always stay

Protected, safe and warm


And yet, I know the day will come

When his tiny little hand

Will be bigger than my own

He’ll grow to be a man


But until then he’s mine to love

With no one there to see

As we rock slowly back and forth

My baby boy and me

…..Author unknown

new moms with newborn baby boy

Brrr…baby its cold outside!


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