My Unique Style (#39 Small Talk 2018)

Style defines the photographer

Each professional photographer has their own unique style and I think it is important for a potential client to know the style of the photographer they chose so that they can match their vision of what they want to see in a photograph with the photographer’s style. So if you can bear with me, I’d like to share with you what my unique photographic style is. You can then see whether I would be the photographer you would chose, or the one you would avoid at all costs!!!

My style

my style photo credit: lydia of gofotolifestylenewbornphotography

Deep breath and here goes!

I have a very relaxed approach to capturing images of babies and their parents! I like to go with the flow of the family which I am photographing as this, to me, is what lifestyle is all about. Many of my clients tell me that they hate being photographed and this I truly understand and take into account. Those same clients always tell me after the session that they felt so relaxed, they didn’t even realise they were being photographed!!

My aim is to capture the emotions behind every photograph. I like to capture the natural moment, not that forced smile!! My images are as natural and as realistic as possible, no posing involved. This probably originates from when I was a child and my mom would say “smile for the camera, Lydia” and this was followed with “open your eyes when you smile” – a physical impossibility for me as my eyes just screw up tight whenever I smile!!! (this is probably also why I have total sympathy and understanding for those parents who “hate to be photographed”).

Natural light, natural positions

natural light photo credit: lydia of gofotolifestylenewbornphotography

I use the light of day only – no flashes, no room lights – just the light of day, my lens and my camera! I am fortunate enough to have what the pundits call a “fast lens” – no, this does not mean that my lens runs off with the first available man!!!! A fast lens is one which can accommodate very dim lighting. I want to capture, in camera, the natural love between parent and child, the wonder and amazement a parent feels when they hold that little soul, because not all the editing in the world can “paint” into a photo the emotions a person is feeling!  If I don’t catch those moments with my camera, no amount of processing afterwards will make the image look as I envision it to be. I want my images to be unique and original. When doing a photoshoot, I want to capture the innocence of the baby, the joy of a mother as she holds her newborn, the concentration of a 6 month old holding a toy, or the concentration of a 12 month old trying to walk. I use hardly any props. I have a white fleecy cloth, a basket and a smooth black cloth and I also have “reflectors”, which I use only when necessary to reflect the natural window light – and that is it! No cute artificial poses, no getting mom to hold baby’s head in a certain position and then “photoshop” mom’s hand out of the image!!!

What I want to create

relaxed photo credit: lydia of gofotolifestylenewbornphotography

Relaxed, natural, realistic and true to life images full of emotion. Once I have captured the emotions in camera, I add my own artistic touch to the digital photo, which I really enjoy doing. I love the soft look, soft tones and I love close ups of baby’s expressions, the eyes, tiny fingers, tiny toes. I like to capture the innocence and vulnerability of a baby or the fun of a child crawling or playing and I like to be able to tell the story of how the parent’s lives have been changed forever by the arrival of this little human being who so early in life already can show by his or her expressions what he or she is feeling!!

Definition of my style

my style my vision photo credit: lydia of gofotolifestylenewbornphotography

If I had to define my photographic style in a nutshell I would say that my style is a visual definition of who I am.  I want to believe in the good that is in everyone, rather than the nasty! I believe in love forever after. I believe that a parent will always love their child, no matter what (you may not approve with what your child has done, but you will always love that child). I wish that the world would be full of love, kindness and gentleness amongst mankind. And I love life and living it!!  My images are an outward expression of how I feel about life!


So now you know about my style and maybe you do not like my style. That’s perfectly okay. You  obviously would choose not to become my client, but rather use another photographer whose style pleases you, and that is exactly as it should be, and the reason that I have shared my vision of photography with you!

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