New Beginnings

New Beginnings

May, 2017 is upon us already but for some, new beginnings are about to happen!

new beginnings

To those couples (or singles, for that matter!) who will be blessed by the birth of a little one this year, congrats on what is going to be a new stage of your life!

Most first time parents-to-be vow that their little one is not going to change any aspect of their lives – they will still go out when they want and wherever they want, eat at the usual time and so on.

new beginnings

eating out – a thing of the past

The reality is that that wonderful and awesome little being coming into your lives is going to turn your lives topsy-turvy whether you want it to, or not! And somehow they do it so subtly you won’t even be aware it is happening!!! And, guess what? You are going to find yourself willingly embracing whatever changes your little one makes on your particular lifestyle!

When the most important thing in your life is your new baby, there is much to celebrate. There are also many things that will change almost overnight whether you mean them to or not:

  • After many a sleepless night, you go to bed at 8pm on a Friday night without any protest
  • Clocks are things of the past – you now live according to baby’s schedule
  • You become a fierce tigress/tiger when it comes to protecting your baby from harm
  • You look at your parents in a different light and respect them in a new way!
  • You are instantly friends with anyone else who has a baby
  • You learn that being alone to go to the toilet is a thing of the past
  • You get insanely happy at every milestone your baby has
  • You talk about your baby to anyone who will listen
  • You get more pleasure in browsing around a toyshop, than in reading a good novel!
  • You will be a light sleeper forever more – even when your child is older and sleeping soundly through the night


Having a baby is so life changing how can we expect our lifestyle NOT to be altered in some way? Every milestone your baby passes IS important, so why not brag about that first little tooth, or the first time he claps his hands, his first steps and his first word?

new beginnings first tooth

my first tooth!

new beginnings first steps

I can walk!

There is such pleasure in experiencing the miracle of a child being born and watching him grow, one should embrace those changes and make the most of them as your baby will not be little and helpless forever.

Yours in photography



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