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Professional Photographer vs Cell Phone (#44 Small Talk 2018)

I know this post isn’t exactly about babies, but it IS about photographing of babies! And whether it is worth your while to hire a professional photographer to take your little one’s photos. If you own a smart phone you probably think that you take decent enough pictures yourself….and you would be right!! But whilst smartphones are fine for quick, spontaneous images, (of which you are bound to take many!) there is no substitute for professional photographer with a camera capable of creating not just a snapshot but is a fine art photographer who is can give you awesome and creative images of this extraordinary time in your life when you have a newborn baby!

You will take hundreds of cell phone shots of your little one, every day, I am sure (they are, after all so adorable!). But I’m pretty certain that none of those snapshots will make it onto your walls as fine art! Why do I say that? Because the laws of physics aren’t going anywhere!  Let me try to explain why a professional photographer can capture images which you can use as wall art in your home, or in an album to show everyone, whereas your cell phone photos are likely to just languish on your computer’s hard drive.

In the first place, a professional photographer will be using a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. These cameras have  a MUCH bigger sensor to capture the light than any smartphone will ever have. This means that a DSLR camera is very good, even in low-light situations (like indoors). For the techies amongst you, have a look at the diagram below which shows the sensor sizes ranging from the iPhone 6 (which is a pretty good smart phone!) up to that of a top of the line DSLR camera.

size difference in sensors

Sensor sizes

Look at how small the iPhone’s sensor is. There is one hell of a difference in size between it and the DSLR sensor, wouldn’t you say?

So basically, cameras with bigger sensors can capture more information from a scene, produce more contrast and grab more accurate colours with less “graininess” (noise), especially in low light situations. Unlike the smartphone, the DSLR is also able to retain detail in bright light without hiding all the detail that is in the shadows  – the smartphone cannot do this – see the difference in the two images below

street scene with DSLR camera

street scene with DSLR camera

Street scene with cell phone

Street scene with cell phone

If you intend to have your little one’s photos printed to display in your home, then even if you forget about the lighting issues, larger sensors produce images with a higher-resolution, which means that if you want to print out large images to hang on your wall they will still look sharp. Have you ever tried to print LARGE wall art size images from your cell phone? You can enlarge the image, using any image editing program, but all you end up doing is enlarging the size of the pixels (those tiny dots of colour that make up the image). This creates blurry images because the software is trying to figure out which pixels it should increase to make up the distance between the number of dots/square inch (dpi) your smartphone has captured the image with and 300 dpi (which is the number of dots that will give a really crisp wall art type of print). Although Photoshop, for instance, is a very smart program and it can make a low resolution image from a smart phone look fairly decent at high resolution, there will still be a loss in quality.

The other big difference between smartphones and a DSLR camera is the ability to use different lenses on a DSLR. High quality lenses produce unparalleled sharpness and image quality. Images look crisp, detailed, styled and hyper-real – they look like photographs instead of snapshots. There are, of course external lens attachments which one can add onto your iPhone and these are an improvement over the default lens, but still the quality of the image cannot compare with a DSLR lens.

Note the vibrant colour,  sharpness and depth of field in the DSLR image on the left compared to the iPhone image on the right!

DSLR        Cell phone

And that is why your cell phone shots will not make it onto your wall but will rather languish on your computer.

So what can I offer as YOUR professional photographer? Apart from knowing how to use a DSLR camera, my style is “lifestyle” photography. I can offer real life, real moments that will be loved for a lifetime! Capturing the emotional connection between you and your baby and your partner in your own home is what a lifestyle session is all about. Candid, casual and intimate – a lifestyle session is an unscripted glimpse of you, your family and your baby together. It’s a memorable way to document this important milestone in your life. You cannot really achieve this with a cell phone as either you or your partner will be taking the photo!!

More than just casual snapshots, my lifestyle photography is the art of creatively portraying, as fine art, the intimacy shared by you and your baby, along with all the adorable details. I aim to create stunning, beautifully composed and artistically edited images which will become beautiful wall art for your home and your nursery. The images will be your most treasured memories of those amazing moments. I’m excited and passionate to work for you and with you to create timeless images you will be thrilled to surround yourself with and will be proud to share with family and friends.

Ultimately it is up to you, the parents, to choose whether you are satisfied with low quality prints from your cell phone pictures or whether you want stunning images of your little one which you can proudly display in your home.

Any commments or questions? Just leave them below in the comments block or email me directly at

Yours in lifestyle newborn photography


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