The Science behind stretchmarks!

#9 Small Talk 2019 

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Have you
ever wondered why some pregnant women get stretch marks and other avoid these
horrors???? And should you really regard them with horror? After all, they do
tell a story – the story of YOU and YOUR baby! Let’s first see why stretch
marks appear on some pregnant women.

What are stretch marks?

These marks
appear when skin is stretched and expands quickly beyond its limit. This causes
tiny tears in the supporting layers of skin. If you are prone to stretch marks,
they most commonly appear on the abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks and are
seen as red or dark coloured horizontal threads along the skin. Because one’s
body has a rapid growth during pregnancy this makes for a higher risk of
developing stretch marks when pregnant than simply putting on weight over the

Some do and some don’t!

Now let’s
look at why some pregnant women develop these marks and some don’t.

  • Heredity
    plays an important role. If your mom developed them, then the chances of you
    getting stretch marks is increased. But don’t sink down in despair – some skin
    has greater elasticity than other skin and maybe yours will be more elastic
    than your mom’s was.
  • Ethnicity
    also comes into play as women with more melanin in their skin are LESS likely
    to get stretch marks
  • Hydration
    – keeping yourself well hydrated throughout your pregnancy will decrease the
    chances of stretch marks forming
  • The
    irresistible itch! No matter how itchy that skin gets try to avoid scratching
    as this can lead to those stretch marks. Rather rub a bio-oil to soothe the
  • Exercise
    will help you keep yourself as well as your skin toned and supple as well as
    free from toxins

Don’t despair!

Although avoiding stretch marks is
practically impossible for some women, don’t despair as should you be amongst
those who do get them, they will eventually fade to a white colour over time.
They don’t ever go away, but they do become less noticeable. And there are
certain things you can do to lower
the risk of developing them. You can keep your body well hydrated, you can
avoid scratching the itch and you can exercise. Healthy eating with plenty of
fruit and veggies as well as rubbing bio-oil gently over those areas likely to
get stretch marks will also help.


It is important to remember not to
get too worked up about stretch marks. They are your badge of honour – you have
had the privilege of carrying and giving birth to a precious little human!

Next week I shall touch on the pros
and cons of waterbirth. Until then, stay healthy!

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