Small Talk#23: How to Remain Sane

Remaining sane with a newly walking toddler

That moment when a baby takes his first steps is sooo special for parents! Your little baby is now officially a toddler!! He is finally going to be able to explore under his own steam and find out that there is more to life than the small area to which he has been confined whilst in the crawling stage. It’s so exciting for you to watch your little one find different places in your house and to play “hide and seek” with him as he hides behind your curtains! But being mobile also means that you have to start thinking about ways to minimize injuries – like padding the corners of tables (‘specially glass tables), stopping your toddler from climbing up on things like chairs and beds (and possibly falling off!).

Here are 5 ways in which you can survive these hazardous months and avoid being a total quivering wreck by the end of the day during the time it takes for your toddler to become a confident walker!

1: Silence is golden!


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You have to let your child walk….and fall! Yes, it IS difficult to watch whilst still being close enough to help if needed, but your little one needs to learn to be as independent as possible. If your toddler takes a tumble, wait a few seconds to see if he really is hurt before dashing in to pick him up and comfort him. Most of the time you will find that your toddler is off and toddling again without any need for help or comfort.

2: Flatties for mom

being quick on your feet is a necessity with a walking toddler

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Make sure you are wearing clothing you can move fast in and flat shoes, not those lovely stilettos that are just dying to be worn!! So when out and about, even if you want to look glamerous, curb that urge as you will not be able to run after your toddler and prevent him dashing off the pavement if you are in high heels!

3: Comfy shoes for toddlers

make sure your toddlers shoes are comfortable

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Make sure that you choose comfortable, supportive shoes for your toddler so that your little one enjoys this new experience of walking, running (sort of!) and jumping (at least he thinks he is!). If his shoes are not comfy, your toddler will soon be whining and wanting to be carried.

4: Explore time before Errands

explore time before running errands

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Try to let your toddler run around in your garden or take your toddler out to the park or other safe environment before you have to go about your daily errands. This way he will, hopefully, be able to settle happily into his pushchair or the supermarket trolley instead of walking around, taking items off the shelves and generally driving you nuts!

5: Bullet-proof your home

bullet proof your home

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This is a tough one, but if you can make certain areas “bullet proof” in your home where you know your toddler can’t get hurt, you will be able to relax whilst he is busy in those “safe” areas. If you have steep stairs, you may want to consider gating them off if you have not already done so when your toddler was a crawler. Even if your child knows, from his crawling days, to go down the stairs backwards, he may take a tumble down them when he is enthusiastically “running”. Somehow, toddlers always have to “run” wherever they have to be!

I’m sure that all moms wish we could all set up a padded room in our homes to keep our toddlers safe from harm as they seem to fall over so many times over the course of the day! It is so difficult to hold oneself back and stop grabbing his hand but one has to avoid the temptation of always protecting them – so long as you can see thatit is likely to be a little tumble with no harm done. Remember that your toddler is learning the art of walking and every day will be a better one with less bumps and thumps as he becomes steadier on his feet. Your task should be to prevent him from having any MAJOR mishaps whilst at the same time trying to avoid being over protective. Falling down is inevitable and is actually an important skill and part of the learning process. All you can do is to try to reduce injuries by keeping your child away from obviously harmful things like sharp corners, steps (until he knows how to handle them) and high places!

Enjoy this wonderful stage in your child’s life.

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