How to Survive Pregnancy with a Toddler (#2 Small Talk 2018)

Surviving Pregnancy with a Toddler in hand!

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How to survive those 9 months the second time around!

Last week I wrote about your toddler’s imagination and games that you could play with him/her to stimulate that imagination…..but now if you are expecting a second one, you have to survive your 2nd pregnancy with that active, imaginative little one at your side. Hopefully some of the hints below will help you to ease your way through the next 9 months! There is a lot on your plate as a mother of an energetic toddler but lots of us decide that we would like another child, despite the chaos of a little one already running around the house. Your second time around pregnancy is bound to be a lot different  now you have an active toddler and can no longer put your feet up whenever you feel the need. So below are 5 tips which may help you to enjoy your 2nd pregnancy, especially the last trimester, as much as you did the first time you were expecting. Hopefully if you take on one or two of the hints below they may help you to ease your way through the next 9 months!

1: Be kind to yourself

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Once you are in your 3rd trimester, ease up on yourself and your household tasks. If the house has remained fairly clean in the last week, just tidy it up and leave the hardcore tasks like vacuuming and mopping for the next week. Another way to ease off is to just do one or two “chores” per day. So dust on the one day, vacuum the next and mop the floors on the third day. It is important to realise you are, unfortunately, not superwoman and just take it easy for a while. Asking for help is not easy for some, I know, but I’m sure granny would love to come and take your toddler out for a bit so you can get a break. Or cook a meal ready for you to heat up in the evening! So don’t be afraid – ASK for help if you are struggling, especially in your 2nd and 3rd trimester when your bump seems to get in the way of everything!!

2: Napping is good

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Take the opportunity of napping when your toddler has his/her nap. This is NOT the time to be catching up on all those household tasks! Rest is precious and important both for you and your unborn baby so if you are lucky enough that your little one still has a morning or afternoon nap, take advantage of this time. If your toddler goes off to day care for the morning, then try to squeeze in a 20 minute nap between your chores and the time you have to fetch him/her from the daycare.

3: Let your toddler help

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Toddlers love to copy their mom or dad, so encourage your little one to help you with simple tasks. This will encourage his/her independence and will also make them feel so proud to be helping you! They can help you dust, sweep, load the washing machine, pass you the pegs when you hang out the laundry and so on. Be positive and encourage them and soon they will have gained a sense of responsibility as well as a feeling of being able to do things on their own (which will help once their sibling has arrived!).

4: Take advantage of the Internet

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Set up a safe way for you to pay all bills online through your bank, instead of in person. Get someone “in the know” to help you if you are unsure about how to do this on your own.

Online grocery shopping can save you standing in the queues at the supermarket, with your toddler whining for sweets or toys that are displayed at the till. Although you sometimes cannot get the brand you are used to when shopping online, maybe it’s worth it – just for your last 3 months of pregnancy?

5: Evening tasks

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It helps a lot if you prepare hubby’s sandwiches or your toddler’s day care snack the night before. If you do your shopping or banking online, this could be done in the evening, when your toddler is in bed and it will give you time the next day to play simple games with him/her. Doing a few of your daily tasks in the evening will also give you a few extra minutes in bed the next morning – lying in with your toddler is a great way to start the day!

Nowadays, more and more husbands/partners are becoming hands on and are very willing to help out around the house or entertain the little one whilst you are busy with something else or even whilst you have a nap. That both of you share the tasks is especially important if both of you are out at work all day. I take my hat off to these husbands, or partners, as they really make it possible for both parents to enjoy their toddler as well as share in the anticipation of having another little one.

A final word

toddler bonding with sibling photo credit: GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Toddlers are hard to keep up with as they are continually bouncing from one activity to another, but if you show your support and love for them and let them do little things to help out during this tricky time they won’t feel “left out” of the event of getting a little brother or sister and will find it easier to bond with their sibling when that big day finally comes!

I would love to hear from you with any ideas, comments or stories about your toddler and your 2nd pregnancy that you may have! Drop me a line at my email, or just use the comment box below.

Till next time, have fun with your toddler!

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