The Beginning

#17 Small Talk 2019

the beginning

Did you know that when your baby is placed on you, skin to
skin, immediately after birth, there are 9 innate and instinctive things he or
she does?

1: The birth cry

As your baby is born, his/her lungs expand and he/she will
give a distinctive cry. That sound signifies your baby is alive and well and is
the most beautiful sound imaginable. He or she is letting you know in no
uncertain terms that he/she has arrived and is ready for you and the world!

2: Time to relax

Once your baby is placed on your chest, skin to skin, he or
she will start to relax. Those little, tiny hands uncurl and lie relaxed on
you. It’s almost as if he or she is saying here I am, safe and sound after
being pushed around (down the birth canal)!!!

3: I’m awake!

About 3 minutes later he or she will start to make small
thrusts with his/her head and shoulders, just a little bit, feeling those wide
open spaces which now surround him/her.

4: Movement

Now your baby will start to explore with his mouth, making sucking
movements. He/she will have more stable eye movements now and will look at your
breast and then at you….oh that moment!!!!! He or she can now also move his or
her hand to his/her mouth, stick his/her tongue out and massage your breast
with his/her hand! These movements all increase the release of  oxytocin which prepare you for breast feeding
and bonding with your baby.

5: Nap time

Your baby will have periods of rest between all his or her
“activity” in those first few hours after birth. Don’t rush him or her through
these periods of rest….just enjoy the time together, when he or she is ready,
more action will happen!

6: Crawling

About 30-40 minutes after birth, you may notice your baby
making “crawling” movements to reach your breast. Your baby will be using
sliding, pushing and leaping actions to reach your nipple and the nourishment
he or she needs.

7: Getting to know you

Your baby will lick or nuzzle your nipple and touch or
massage your breast as he familiarises him or herself with you. He or she will
also start to look around at other people in the room. Normally this happens
around 45-60 minutes after birth

8: Suckling

After about the first hour, your baby will attach
him/herself on his/her own to your nipple and will start to suckle. If you have
had any pain killers or anaesthesia it may take baby a little longer to get
around to doing this as well as the other stages as he/she may also be feeling
the effects of the drug.

9: Sleep, wonderful sleep!

The final stage is where you and your baby fall asleep.


Birth is truly a miraculous occurrence and watching your
baby go through those 9 stages in the first hour of life is such a wonderful
experience, one which we carry with us for our whole lives. This is the
beginning for your baby and sets the scene for his happy and healthy
development. Enjoy those precious moments.

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