The First Smile


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The First Smile

8 weeks old on Sat

My little grandson will turn 8 weeks old this Saturday and oh, what joy he has brought with him in those short weeks! He is so precious, a real little darling. I have not seen him smile yet (my daughter [in law] keeps me in the picture, so to speak, so I have seen photos of his smile!). You may wonder why I put the (in law) part in brackets? That is because I am proud to regard myself as her mother and not her mother-in-law! But I digress…back to the baby boy!!  I am sure that the hearts of his mom and dad must have swelled even more with all the love they feel for their son when they saw that first glimmer of a smile. I missed out this last weekend as I came down with laryngitis and the flu and stayed away for obvious reasons!

A Little Trooper

But I am told that he is such a little trooper, trying to smile, as he has not had an easy time so far in this world during his 8 week stay – first his crying was put down to colic…my poor daughter in law sought out and bought just about all the “mootie” from homeopathic to pharmaceutical, that is meant to help with colic – all to no avail. They rocked him, swaddled him, danced with him, drove around with him and still the poor little boy cried and cried so much. I am sure this must have stressed out my son and daughter in law to see their baby so unhappy. I think it must be quite a confidence breaker to have your baby cry so much. But the paediatrician assured them that apart from the crying, the little one was otherwise perfectly healthy!

Gastric reflux rears its ugly head  

Then came the week he didn’t put on the amount of weight he was meant to. Back to the paediatrician, who now said that their son was probably suffering from gastric reflux ( a mild form, thank goodness!) and prescribed some medicine (he was spitting up curdled milk about 20 min after feeding and was also reluctant to feed- the baby that is, not the paediatrician!) They were also advised to go to a paediatric chiropractor (94% of parents swear this helps colic!). So they started the little mite, my grandson, on the gastric reflux medication and a day or two later it was off to the paediatric chiropractor. Well…my daughter in law says that after having been crying for a long time, her little one fell asleep in her arms immediately after the treatment!! He also settled a lot easier that night. And by the following night, he slept through 2 x 6 hour periods!!! And he cried lot less during the day too.

Chiropracter or medication?

So now the question has to be asked – was it the chiropracter’s magic touch, or is it the gastric reflux medication??? My son and daughter won’t know unless they have the courage to stop the medication, I guess. I am glad that I am only the grandmother and that it is not my decision to make!!!!!

Light at the end of the tunnel

There is a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel….according to the paediatrician, my awesome little grandson has only a mild form of gastric reflux and if so he will be off the medication after one month. And that is good news, indeed!  And from that first smile a couple of weeks ago, my grandson is now smiling more and more with  every passing day and so am I!!!

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