6 ways to make an Einstein (#41 Small Talk 2018)

Einstein in the making?

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 Do you fancy having a little genius in the family? Here is a fun look at what you may like to try in the hope that you will end up with another Einstein!

1: Limited TV time

One of the things which prevents that little genius from developing his talents is unlimited television viewing. If you plonk your baby in front of the TV every day for hours and hours from birth until he reaches 2years, it will give you a lot of free time, that’s for sure…..but this comes at a price to the development of your child’s vocabulary as your child will hear about 770 less adult words for every hour the TV is on!!! So if you want a little Einstein, you would be wise to limit the time in front of the TV.

2: Musical instruments

Let those little fingers walk over the piano keys! Children who play a musical instrument have been shown to have 15% greater verbal skills compared to those who have been denied the pleasure of making music. Memorisation skills are also enhanced in those kids who play an instrument. So the take home message is….get yourself some earplugs and let your kid rock’n roll to the music!

3: The art of patience

Children who are patient have been shown to actually score higher on entrance examinations in the good ole USA. So it seems that you should teach your child that being patient is not only a virtue, if you are living in the hope of him becoming a genius.

4: Exercise and intelligence

Exercise can actually increase intelligence, can you believe? Only 40 minutes of daily exercise can increase the IQ 3.8 points over time….OMGosh, imagine that…maybe it’s not too late for me to jump on my exercise bike, even as an adult?

5: “You are smart”

Telling your child that he or she is clever is not a good idea if you hope to have a genius kid. Apparently, if told repeatedly that they are smart, a child will work less hard at a task as they think because they are so smart (according to their parents), then they don’t have to work as hard!

6: Praise

Do make an effort to praise your child’s accomplishments as this will make them work harder than ever, especially if they are just short of that 100%. Praising your child will also boost his or her self-esteem.

Final thoughts

The above 6 points were written tongue in cheek and as far as I could ascertain there is really no way to make a genius out of someone. A lot depends on genetics and also the natural abilities of your child. I do think that if you show a genuine interest in whatever your child is doing or saying and encourage their curiosity in finding out things for themselves that you cannot go wrong. Whether he or she will end up being a genius….only time will tell!

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