10 Fun Activities (#36 Small Talk 2018)

 Fun time with your newborn  

It’s so exciting – your wait is over and your newborn has arrived with a hearty yell. Newly attained parenthood brings an incredible feeling of joy and awe. You and your partner are responsible for creating this new little human!!!

In those first few months, parents are the central persons in a newborn’s life and the way you connect with him in this time plays a crucial role in so many developmental stages such as in your baby’s language formation, in how he learns to behave socially, logical thinking and emotional development.

There are 10 top activities which you can enjoy with your newborn and prevent the days becoming monotonous once all the excitement of visitors has passed.

Here they are:

1: Outings


Plan a day’s outing with your newborn. You don’t have to travel far or even use the car. Put your baby in his pram and go to a nearby park. You and baby will enjoy the change of scenery and the fresh air. Although your little one may be too small to play he will enjoy seeing other children playing and all the different colours in the world around him

2: Music therapy

Music therapy is making a big splash at the moment. This is based on the fact that all babies have an affinity towards music. You could either enrol in a music therapy group in your area or you can just play different genres of music at home when your little one is awake and see which type of music soothes and relaxes him and which annoys him! Some music may charge him up and some may make him sleep. Be present along with your baby while you are playing the music, dance with him or sing along. Besides making your baby content you will get to enjoy yourself too!

3: Make Memories

make memories

Each day brings special moments which will never come back, so be sure to capture them – either take photos or videos and try to book a professional newborn photographer to capture your baby’s very essence.

Dress your baby up in different clothes and let your baby enjoy all the attention. Or try different hairstyles (if your little one has hair!!). Take photos to show your partner and family.

4: Let your feelings show

let your feeling show

This is a great way to let your baby learn and recognise different emotions  – hold him close and talk to him with animated gestures and expressions. Vary the pitch of your voice, raise your eyebrows, scowl, smile and grimace! You will be amazed to see how your baby reacts to all these different actions and this activity can help him in early language identification and is a great way to strengthen your bond

5: Peek – a-  Boo!

Lay your baby on his back and hide your face behind a cloth or your hands while calling your newborn’s name. He will recognise your voice and try to find out where it is coming from. Reveal yourself and pick him up and give him lots of love. This game of hide and seek can be elaborated on as your newborn grows older and is a great at increasing the alertness of your baby.

6: Co-ordination


Hang colourful and different toys just above your baby’s cot and also above his changing table. Help your baby reach out to these toys with his hands or feet and make sure the toy makes a sound or lights up when he manages to get there! This activity helps with coordination of hands, eyes and toys and teaches your baby to play on his own.

7: Stimulate his senses

One should never rush any activity done with a baby. So if you are bathing him, let him or her splash water and play with it. When you feed him, let him feel the bottle. Let him taste different foods (age appropriate, of course). This sounds simple, but it gives your baby an understanding of various sensations and stimulates his senses.

8: Break out of the routine

Whilst we all appreciate some form of routine to our days, too much routine can become boring and your baby will feel the same! So, break away and walk around the house pointing out various items to him and explaining what they are for. Let him feel them (if it is safe to do so). This is a memory increasing activity.

9: Tell a Story

Read or tell your munchkin a story, using different voices, expressions and gestures. Touch his toes, fingers or tickle him gently and see his expressions. Story telling can help when you are dressing your baby as it will distract him from the dressing, which most babies seem to dislike!

10: Dance time

Go nuts and dance around with your baby in your arms! Remember to support his head and neck and nuzzle into him as you dance. You will feel rejuvenated by this activity and so will your little darling!

Final thoughts

By engaging in these activities with your baby you will help him to learn things faster as well as giving him bonding time with you. If your baby does not respond well to most of the above activities, or cries a lot whilst you are doing them, then make sure to discuss this with his doctor when he is due for his next visit.

Of course, as your baby becomes a toddler, so many more activities open up for you to share with him or her. So enjoy yourself and let your baby/toddler have fun learning experiences!

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