Warning: 7 weeks left to Christmas!!



Eeeek….I woke up this morning to the realization that Christmas is only SEVEN weeks away….and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet! I really hate walking about endlessly in the malls and wondering what to give each person that will be something special. Usually, husband in tow and with a list of possible gifts we march to the Mall – usually too late for comfort as it seems that everyone has chosen that week after the 16th Dec to look for presents and the Malls are crowded!


Hubby and I usually walk determinedly into the first shop on our list and then stop and “um” and “aww about whether a particular person will REALLY like “that particular gift we had thought of from the comfort of our lounge! After much head scratching, we decide “No, maybe not”…so now what do we get??? And so it continues as we work through all the friends and family on that darned list – walking round and round the Mall, encouraging a flagging husband along from early morning until about 3pm, choosing gifts. Exhausted and keeping our frayed nerves intact with great effort, finally we may have all of our gifts which hopefully will please everyone on our list. Phew, what a marathon Christmas shopping nearly always turns out to be!!!


What about YOU, my reader – have you braved the Malls and done any gift shopping in advance? Bravo if you have – I take my mythical hat off to you.

I once had these fantastic clients, Charleen and Evan, who had booked a lifestyle newborn photoshoot with me and the session was truly great fun. She and her husband were so relaxed and chilled and so was the beautiful little son they had had. The images were great and they were THRILLED.


Charleen tells me that she loves to go back often and look at them.  But here’s the part she and Evan didn’t expect from that photoshoot. Nine months later their son is crawling and starting to walk around the furniture, ever curious, and now they catch themselves going back even more often to those images of him at 3 weeks of age and it makes them realise how much their little boy has grown in the last 9 months and how far they have come as a family! Imagine what they will feel when it is Joshua’s first day at school in 6 years’ time and then again at his high school graduation, university grad, and then his own wedding day and they stop and look back at those newborn images again!!! WOW!


So if YOU haven’t yet bought your gift for that friend or family member who is expecting a baby in the near future, why not scrap walking and searching around the Mall for this special person at least?….why not think about giving one of my gift certificates for a lifestyle newborn photo session? Or if that little bundle of joy has already arrived,  think of a gift certificate for a photoshoot which your friend/family member could use to get beautiful, professional images  from  one of the baby’s milestone months – normally 4 months (usually baby is sitting up by then), 8 months (baby usually is crawling) or 12 months (when baby is becoming a toddler).

sitting 4 months  crawling 8 months  walking 12 months

This is a gift that will last and always bring back the memories of those days when baby was born. I think the future parents would find that, like my clients, Charleen and Evan did, photos are an everlasting gift – the gift that keeps on giving. Best of all, it is one gift less that you will have to trawl around the mall to find!

Let me know how far you have got with your Christmas shopping in the comments below! I would love to hear how you handle the event!!!




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