40 Weeks to Becoming a Mom-Part 4

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Week 31

Here we are
again with those last 10 weeks before you have your precious little one in your
arms! Let’s get on with it then!

You may be experiencing breathlessness by now, in your 31st week, as baby is crowding your organs.

Keep doing
those Kegel exercises! They really will help you during and after the birth!

Week 32

Did you know
that by now your blood volume will have increased by 30-45%? That’s quite a lot
and carrying all that around may lead to you feeling quite tired. Swollen
ankles may also occur but this is normal as long as the swelling has gone down
after your night time sleep. If your ankles are still swollen in the morning
when you first get up, then speak to your doctor as it may be a sign of
pregnancy hypertension.

Week 33

Some women
may experience pelvic pain as those hormones stretch and loosen those pelvic
muscles and ligaments. Those nasty (but necessary) hormones can also soften the
cartilage in the pubic joint and cause you pain whilst walking or lying down.
If you are one of these unfortunate women, you can buy a support belt which may
make you more comfortable.

Week 34

countdown is beginning and you will feel more and more breathless and cramped!

  • Try
    pelvic tilt exercises which will help strengthen your back and abdominal
    muscles. Wear flatter heeled shoes and avoid lifting anything heavy.
  • Your
    nipples may become more prominent and flexible – they are getting ready for the
    forthcoming breastfeeding.

Week 35

You may
develop haemorrhoids (commonly called “piles”) which are horrible things! They
cause discomfort and may even bleed a little if you get constipated. You can
buy creams to apply to the “piles” which will help to shrink them. After your
baby is born, the “piles”will shrink with a change in hormones. Keep drinking
lots of water and make sure you have fibre in your diet to avoid constipation.

Week 36

  • By
    this week you are probably feeling that there is no more space left in your
    abdomen! You will gain about 300g per week now.
  • To
    make the skin between the anus and vagina more flexible you may wish to start
    massaging this area, using a natural oil such as grapeseed or almond oil. The
    oil must not be scented and should cause no irritation to the area.

Week 37

You should
now go through your birth plan in detail with your doctor.

  • You
    will feel the urge to urinate with greater frequency as the baby presses more
    and more on your bladder. You will find that you are getting up at night more
    frequently because of this!

Maybe you could console yourself with the thought that these
increased night time excursions to the loo is good preparation for your
interrupted sleep once your baby is born!

Week 38

You may
notice a pale pinky mucous “show” at around this time. This is the body getting
ready for labour and may appear as long as a week before labour. To help you
manage your labour  spend some time practising
your breathing and relaxation techniques learnt at antenatal classes. You may
find yourself getting very impatient by now and you can’t wait for the birth to
actually happen!

Week 39

You are
almost there! If you are to have a C-section, tell your doctor to wait until
your baby is mature at 40 weeks in order to avoid any respiratory distress if
born sooner. Babies born vaginally do not experience this distress as their
body is squeezed through the birth canal and fluid is shifted out of the lungs

Week 40

Your water
may break and contractions will start any time now (probably in the middle of
the night!!). Research has shown that the first pregnancy usually goes over the
40 weeks gestation period but this is not a hard and fast rule! So be


So there you
have it, moms-to be….now you know what to expect from your body as the weeks go
by. Naturally as we are all different, you may not experience everything
mentioned in these blogs. But I do hope that I have given you some insight as
to what the next 40 weeks hold for you.

In future
blogs I will discuss various aspects of pregnancy and what it means in terms of
what you should or shouldn’t eat, drink or do!!

Until next week, keep well and good luck – soon you will have a precious little one in your arms!

Yours in
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