How to Survive as a Working Mom


7 necessary survival techniques!

If you are a working first-time mom, you have a marvelous adventure of a lifetime ahead of you! As any working mom will tell you, it is tough to juggle being a mom and at the same time have a career. And if this is your first child it is important for you to establish some rules for yourself so that the time spent at home becomes quality time. Remember, being a good mom isn’t about how many hours you spend at home, but rather it is about how you use those hours. Here are 7 tips which may help you spend more quality time with your child:

1: Switch off

switch off

No, not your brain, even if it is frazzled after a hard day at work! Rather turn off the technology for a certain amount of time per day so that you can really connect with your child and your hubby! This means switch off your cell phone (or don’t answer those what’s app messages, phone calls etc. Switch off the television. Hide the iPad. Do whatever you can to have even just half an hour where you focus your full attention on your child (and hubby – and vice-versa!!).

2: Schedule your day like a Swiss train

schedule your day

Set yourself a timetable of arrival and departure. Predictability takes the stress out of being late and makes you more successful both at work and at home. If you have a flexible career, establish set hours to stick to each day so that you don’t have to keep rescheduling your day. That means you will know exactly when you will be home and when you will be at work and you can plan your day and after hours activities without stressing.

3: The Golden Triangle

Try to establish a golden triangle between work, home and playschool/crèche/school and stay within this triangle for all your necessary errands like doctors, dentists, shopping etc. Make your triangle cover a reasonable distance to and from places, which you can access easily and very quickly. This way you will get to spend more time with your family. Better still, take your little one with you, whenever it is reasonable to do so.

4: United we stand!


Take turns with your partner to do every task, whether this is bathing the baby, fetching your child from the crèche/playschool/school, reading the bedtime story, cooking the supper, making lunch for the next day or just making a cup of coffee. Remember, he is your partner and partners share and share alike!!  A load shared is a load halved!!

5: Eat as one

eating together

As your baby graduates into being able to sit at the table (even if still in his highchair) and feed himself (with a little help from mom or dad!) make it a rule that you will have at least one meal a day together– no matter how busy you are.

6: Playdates


Playdates with other children are important for your child to develop his social skills. If you can’t host a playdate during the week, do it on one day of the weekend so that you get to know your children’s friends and their families.

7: Bad moments

bad moment

It won’t always be sunshine and roses unfortunately! Expect that some days will have bad moments (which will no doubt raise your stress levels!) and others will go smoothly –  the key is to remember that a bad moment is just that…a moment in time. It won’t last forever and the good moments with your child really far outweigh the bad!!!

It is definitely possible for a mom to have both a satisfactory career and be a good mom. In years gone by the husband hardly ever helped around the house as he considered all household tasks to be “woman’s work”. His job was to go out and bring in the money! In today’s society, thank goodness, we have evolved and most partners are more than willing to help out with those niggly little tasks which have to be completed before you lay your weary head down on your pillow and sink into blissful sleep!

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