5 Senses baby has (#43 Small Talk 2018)

5 Senses from Birth 

The other day I got to thinking about our 5 senses and I was wondering how developed the senses are when a baby is born. After doing some browsing through various articles, I came across some concepts which the “gurus” attach to each of the five senses and thought of sharing my amazement at the thought of newborns being so “with it” right from the moment of birth – apart from being so cute, they are really amazing little beings!

Here are some of the things I found fascinating about each of the 5 senses:

1: Sight


what is that???


We all know that a baby’s vision is blurred at first, and limited to about 25cm distance but what I find amazing is that a newborn can also tell the difference between their mother’s face and someone else’s face within a few hours after birth – isn’t that an awesome thought!

2: Hearing


This sense is very acute right from 25 weeks of gestation, as this has been seen on ultrasound where babies have reacted to a loud noise. So babies whilst in the womb, can hear what is going on in the outside world. And because of this  they are able to recognise their mother’s voice immediately after birth!

3: Touch


Newborns love skin to skin contact. They are comforted by stroking, rocking and being held.  Did you know, though, that right from birth, your baby can tell the differences in texture, shape and weight of objects? Amazing, huh?

4: Taste


Amazingly a newborn baby has an undeniable sweet tooth! As breast milk and formula both contain sugar, newborn’s take to their milk with great delight!

Lastly we come to number 5:

5: Smell


Incredibly, a mom’s scent is unique to her newborn and they actually recognise the scent that emanates from their mom’s breasts, underarms (yuk!!) and even the beauty products their mom uses!  When your infant catches a whiff of you, she may turn her head towards your breast or just stop crying. Breast fed babies are thought to be quicker at “sniffing” out their mom than bottle fed babies because they are held closer to mom’s body more often!

Photo credits: Lydia of GoFoto Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Final thoughts

Seems like our little ones are born with all their 5 senses up and running from day one! Truly a miraculous creation!

Yours in lifestyle newborn photography



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